McIlroy earned 56.9 billion won this year, more than..

McIlroy earned 56.9 billion won this year, more than Johnson, the No. 1 LIV golf player Johnson


Dustin Johnson (USA), who moved to LIV golf on his back from the PGA Tour, received a large amount of $37.2 million (about 47.2 billion won) in his bank account this year.

This is due to the fact that LIV Golf earned $35.6 million (about 45.2 billion won) in prize money for individual and team events.

He also received 1.6 million dollars (about 2 billion won) in prize money at the PGA Tour event he participated in before joining LIV Golf.

The money I chose instead of honor was as huge as expected.

However, Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), who defended the PGA Tour by showing strong antipathy to LIV golf, rather swept more money from the course than Johnson.

The U.S. Tennis World reported on the 28th (Korea Standard Time) that the highest-paid golfer in 2022 was McIlroy, not Johnson.

McIlroy earned $44.8 million this year. Much more than Johnson.

McIlroy’s $10.6 million (about 13.5 billion won) in prize money for the PGA Tour is less than Johnson’s prize money at LIV Golf.

McIlroy beat Johnson in total revenue by adding $18 million (about 22.9 billion won) in PGA Tour FedEx Cup bonus, $2 million (about 22.9 million) in Race to Dubai, the first place in the DP World Tour, $2.2 million (about 1.2 million) in PGA Tour Player Influence Index (PIP).

McIlroy also topped the world rankings.

It is simply money and honor. 사설토토

However, it is difficult to know who is the winner in over-the-counter income.

Johnson reportedly received $150 million in down payment when he moved to LIV Golf.

McIlroy also made a lot of money outside the course, including contracts to use supplies.

McIlroy is expected to continue to earn such extra income in the future, although it will fall short of Johnson’s down payment at once.

It is expected that the real winner will not be determined until the years pass.

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