Messie, if you’re having a hard time staying in the hotel

“Messie, if you’re having a hard time staying in the hotel, come to my house.”

The two rivals met in one team. Sergio Ramos sent Lionel Messi a love call first.

Superstar Messi has confirmed that he will join the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Amid many issues being produced, the coexistence of Messi and Ramos is also drawing attention.

Ramos, a symbol of Real Madrid, completed his transfer to PSG ahead of Messi. Few people thought Messi would come to PSG back then. Messi and Barcelona were inseparable.

But there was an incredible turnaround. Twenty-one years of company collapsed in a moment. Messi has chosen to go to PSG, which has been aggressively running at him.

The two had a 16-year scuffle in Real and Barcelona, one of the world’s top rivals, from 2005 to 2021. For 16 years, Ramos and Messi played in 45 games in El Clasico alone. He shared the record for the most appearances in El Clasico’s history. As defender Ramos blocked striker Messi, who scored the most goals in El Clasico’s career (26 goals including the cup), he often clashed. Primarily, Ramos dealt with Barcelona ace Messi aggressively.

The two have now become colleagues. Ramos first threw a message to Messi. The Spanish media “El Pais” reported that Ramos delivered a message to Messi that he could come to his house if he was tired of his hotel life. Messi is not the only one. I invited all the Messi family.

Messi is currently staying at the finest hotel in Paris. Ramos also lived in the hotel for a while before finding a house. Later, he moved to a neighborhood where Angel Dimaria and Marquinos lived. The media introduced Ramos’ offer to share a house became the first episode of the two’s

Ramos welcomed Messi by posting photos on his social media. The uniform with himself, Messi’s name and back number was worn side by side on the mannequin of the store.토토사이트

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