ML seems to have lost its color and I feel proud at the end

ML seems to have lost its color and I feel proud at the end of every word but the media’s criticism and hidden efforts


“At the end of every word, I can feel the unique pride of active major leaguers. But…”

Yokohama DeNA Baystar Trevor Bauer has completely cut his major league career since the 2021 season. This is because of the suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman he met through SNS. Bauer was eventually not indicted due to insufficient evidence, and succeeded in reducing the heavy penalty of a 324-game suspension to 194 games, but the LA Dodgers settled the relationship. And other clubs have not shown interest in Bauer either.

Bauer, who hoped to continue his career, turned to the Asian stage when he was unable to play in the U.S. As a result, he signed a one-year contract of $3 million (about 4 billion won) with the Yokohama DeNA BayStars and headed to Japan. The Japanese archipelago heated up with the news of the entry of the 2020 National League ‘Cy Young Award’ winner.

Although his debut in the first division was delayed due to injury, the heat in the process of Bauer increasing the number of pitches in the second division and regaining his sense of practice was also enormous. Numerous fans visited the baseball stadium to see Bauer’s appearance, and online broadcasts also had more than 70,000 simultaneous users. And the atmosphere was at its peak until he pitched well with nine strikeouts and one run (one earned run) in seven innings against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, his first appearance in the first division.

However, the hot heat quickly subsided. Bauer’s successive slump. Bauer was sluggish with seven runs (six earned runs) in six innings against the Yomiuri Giants on the 9th, and was “truely educated” by Hiroshima, who met again on the 16th. Bauer gave up as many as eight hits (one home run) in two innings, leaving a shocking result with seven runs (seven earned runs).

In an interview with local media after the match against Hiroshima, Bauer said, “In terms of condition, it was in the best condition this season. The control was good, too. However, both doubles and home runs came from the ball. In this sense, there was also an unfortunate part,” he said. However, manager Daisuke Miura expressed regret, saying, “Speed was not everything,” and Bauer eventually went down to the second division.

His appearance in the second division was not bad. Bauer seemed to get off to a shaky start when he was hit by a home run by the leadoff hitter in the second division of the Chiba Lotte Marines on the 21st, but he made the best result with 97 pitches, 8 hits (one home run), 10 strikeouts, and 1 run in 6 innings. Once he has finished adjusting, Bauer is scheduled to return to the first team stage soon 안전놀이터

Japan’s “Tokyo Sports” said on the 23rd, “Will Bauer show his true value this time or will it end up with an unprecedented reputation?” and added, “After the match on the 23rd, Bauer was a little stunned when asked if he was conscious of being pointed out by Miura as “the ball is high.”

According to the media, Bauer said, “I was told it was high, but I threw it high because I had an intention. “Today, I liked the ball thrown low rather than focusing on throwing low,” he said, referring to quick motion, which was pointed out as another problem, “I don’t like quick motion and set position. “I just ran (the runner) when I didn’t have to pay attention even if I ran,” he said. In response, “Tokyo Sports” criticized Bauer’s behavior, saying, “I feel the unique pride of active major leaguers at the end of each word.”

According to “Tokyo Sports,” the catcher, who worked with Bauer in the second division match, said, “I was told to throw the ball lower than the high ball,” adding, “I was conscious of the low ball.” “I signed more than usual, such as courses and pitch types,” he said.

“Tokyo Sports” criticized the attitude toward the media, saying, “Bauer does not reveal himself, but he seems to be experiencing various trials and errors by borrowing the knowledge of Japanese players to understand and adapt to Japanese baseball.”

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