MONSTA X HYUNGWON. He’s so witty and witty

MONSTA X HYUNGWON. He’s so witty and witty


Hyungwon of the group MONSTA X is drawing attention every day with his beautiful appearance and witty talk.

Hyungwon is gaining popularity by appearing on the YouTube channel “I don’t have anything to set up,” which was released on the 12th. Although this appearance was not made for public relations purposes, it is receiving a lot of love, surpassing 4.6 million views within three days of its release, recording the top spot in YouTube’s popularity every day.

On this day, Hyungwon continued to admire Lee Young-ji with his handsome appearance that stole the attention from the start. Lee Young-ji also commented on the video, “I feel overwhelmed rather than handsome.” It drew attention by leaving a review comment on Hyungwon’s real life, saying, “Are you stepping back a little?”

It was Hyungwon’s manners that made headlines along with his appearance. Hyungwon opened a beer bottle instead of Lee Young-ji, and showed his manners as shining as his appearance, matching Lee Young-ji’s main character and taking care of snacks. In addition, he gave Lee Young-ji sincere advice such as relationships and expressed his seniority in his seventh year of activities.

While the video of the appearance is drawing attention to Hyungwon every day, this can be seen as the result of Hyungwon’s seven-year airspace shining. Hyungwon has expanded his scope of activities through various activities such as DJ, producer, and actor as well as model, and has been a full-fledged “all-around character” who can’t do anything.

# “A flood of love calls” with overwhelming visuals

Hyungwon is recognized not only by advertising models but also by various pictorials for showing off his unique model force enough to be on the Seoul Fashion Week runway for two consecutive years with his overwhelming visuals and outstanding physique.

Hyungwon is not just a visual member who looks at the game, but is hard-carrying with musical skills that are as supported as his appearance. Hyungwon is equipped with high-quality DJ skills. In fact, he released several singles under the name DJ H.ONE, appearing on the main stage for two consecutive years on the UMF (Ultra Music Festival) Korea stage and participating in various festivals, as well as proving his high-quality DJing skills through collaboration with Europe’s top DJ Jimmy Clash.

In addition, Hyungwon expanded his musical spectrum by expanding his scope with producing. He first produced his own song “Nobody Else” on MONSTA X’s 3rd full-length album “Fatal Love,” and even after finishing his 3rd full-length album activities with the song, he was praised as a masterpiece that many fans visited and listened to.

In particular, fans around the world drew attention as they showed off their overwhelming masculinity and sexy charm by showing off their underwater performance at the 35th Golden Disc Awards.

In addition, Hyungwon published “BEBE” and his self-composed song “Secrets,” which he participated in writing MONSTA X’s mini-album “One of a Kind,” and has established himself as a perfect “all-around character” in his main job, revealing endless musical colors.

# From acting to being a radio DJ, “Spectrum Without Limits.”

Hyungwon is strengthening his position by showing an infinite spectrum of activities from actors to radio DJs. Earlier, Hyungwon appeared as Han Yo-han in the web drama “Again, Fly” to show his potential as an actor. As the drama was a K-pop musical drama, Hyungwon showed various charms by showing acting, dancing, and singing.

In addition, Hyungwon has been active as a DJ of MBC radio “IDOL RADIO Season 2” for a year, captivating listeners with his witty talk and stable hosting skills.

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