Moon Bin and San-Ha are back with “Cho Hyang-sa.” “You’ll..

Moon Bin and San-Ha are back with “Cho Hyang-sa.” “You’ll be remembered with incense.” [MK site]


ASTRO unit Moon Bin & San-Ha fill this winter with their “scent.”

On the afternoon of the 4th, a showcase was held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul to commemorate the release of Moonbin & San-Ha’s third mini-album “INCENSE.”

In “Insense,” Moon Bin & San-Ha transformed into fascinating perfumers. The two men’s will to make everyone perfectly happy by creating a deadly “scent (music)” even using taboo ingredients unfolds in an upgraded charm and style.

Moon Bin said, “I’m happy to release an album in 10 months. On the one hand, I am worried and excited. “Since it’s been a long time since I released an album, I hope both the fans and the public will like it,” he said.

San-Ha said, “I’m very excited and nervous. I’m a little worried that the fans will like it, he said. “I have no regrets because I prepared hard.”

Regarding the album, Moon Bin said, “It’s a concept that connects with the last mini-album. “If the previous work meant that it would be a haven for everyone, this time it meant that we would make the listeners happy with our own music,” he introduced.

The title song “Madness” is a pop dance song that combines strong base sound with EDM and big band elements. Moon Bin & San-ha’s fatal charm will spread unstoppably and the pear will be expressed in comparison to the scent to convey happiness to listeners.

San-Ha said, “Madness” is a pop dance song with a strong base sound. It means that it will make listeners happy by comparing Moon Bin’s charm to scent,” he introduced.

Moon Bin, who participated in writing the title song, said, “The part I like the most is the part called ‘More Crazy’.” “I think it goes well with the title of the song,” he said.

San-Ha tried rapping for the first time. Sanha said, “When I recorded and listened to it, I was worried if I did well, but Moon Bin hyung encouraged me that I did well.” “There were difficulties, but it was a good experience,” he said.

The most noticeable part of the music video and stage is the concept of perfumer. Moon Bin said, “I don’t have any reference for the concept. “I also referred to the movie “Perfume,” and I personally spray perfume as if I were holding a ritual before performing, and I was inspired by that, so I decided on the concept of a perfumer because I wanted those scents to come to mind before listening to our music and watching the stage,” he explained.

In addition to the title song, the album will include six songs from various genres, including Moon Bin and San-ha’s first solo songs “Leading” and “Wind,” as well as “Perfumer,” “Chup Chup” and “Your Day.”

Moon Bin introduced the first song “Perfume” as “a song that expresses his determination to be a guide in the dark,” and “Chup Chup” is a good song to think of as an extension of his second album “Boo.” I expressed my feelings for the person I love in a cute way,” he said.

Moon Bin, who introduced his self-composed song “Leading,” said, “I usually wrote down my writing, so it helped me a lot to write the lyrics this time.” Sanha also said, “It’s the first song I wrote and composed. “I wanted to express the love and gratitude of the fans I have received so far,” he said, expressing his feelings on the first self-composed song.

ASTRO members’ reactions were also delivered. Moon Bin said, “I prepared so well, and they told me that the choreography came out well. He said, “It’s cold, so I cheered for you to take good care of your health.” San-Ha said, “I heard from my members that my skills have improved. “I was able to do it with more energy,” he thanked.

They also expressed their thoughts on the sexy concept, which is being mentioned as the representative image of Moon Bin & San-Ha. Moon Bin said, “When I first made Moon Bin & San-Ha’s album, I wanted to show it differently from the existing ASTRO album, and I was worried that fans would like it, but fortunately, I think I can release an album so far.”

“I think the sexy genre I’m going to show you in the future is a little western, and I think I’ll show you a cowboy vibe from the 1800s to the 1900s. I think I can show you a mature and sexy feeling even with that feeling,” he added.

Moon Bin and San-Ha are showing different sides of each album. San-Ha said, “The part that I thought was different from the previous album was that it contained songs composed and written by myself.”

As for the concept he wants to try in the future, San-Ha said, “I want to try a concept that I haven’t tried before. “I want to try a stage that shows a darker or more mature appearance,” he said. Moon Bin said, “Since Moon Bin & San-Ha’s first and third albums have been dark so far, I also thought about using a little refreshing and tropical element like SHINee’s ‘Good Evening’.”

What has grown through unit activities? Sanha said, “If there was a feeling that our energy was interlocked, I think the energy grew by standing on various stages.” “I think we’re better suited and have better chemistry,” he said.

Moon Bin said, “When I first became a unit and went on stage, I had to put more energy than before, so I was a little over-active. “I think the experiences I have gained as a group as well as as a unit made the stage more professional and comfortable,” he said.

Moon Bin and San-Ha are about to celebrate their 7th anniversary as ASTRO. What is the driving force behind continued growth?

Moon Bin said, “Maybe the driving force is the unconditional and infinite love of fans. We just enjoy our music and performance, and I think it’s a driving force and strength in itself to see and like it. It also seems to be a driving force for the members next to me to work,” he said. San-Ha said, “I gain strength from seeing AROHA (fandom names). This time, I put my heart into the song I wrote to express my gratitude to the fans.”

He also delivered his New Year’s resolution. San-Ha said, “I have a lot of goals in mind. I hope it will be a year to challenge new things. Also, I want to show various sides of Moon Bin and San-Ha. “I want to show you various challenges, and through this activity, I want to imprint Moon Bin & San-Ha’s unique scent,” he said.

Moon Bin said, “As we have shown you as a unit since the new year, we will try to show you better through this activity and show you more diverse aspects as a group as a unit.”

Moon Bin & San-Ha always answered reporters’ questions with honest answers, but did not answer questions related to the agency’s renewal, which has recently become an issue. Host Park Seul-gi announced in advance, “We do not accept questions other than the album,” and also said, “We will convey our opinions on related questions through the official position of the agency.”

Moon Bin & San-Ha will release their 3rd mini album “Insense” at 6 p.m. and begin their full-fledged activities.

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