Moon Geun-young is the first winner

Moon Geun-young is the first winner of the New Kang Soo-yeon Award for Best Female Film of the Year

Moon Geun-young

Actor Moon Geun-young was selected as the winner of the newly established Kang Soo-yeon Award at the 2022 Women’s Film Awards.

According to the Women’s Film Association on the 8th, Moon Geun-young was selected as the winner of the newly established Kang Soo-yeon Award at the “2022 Women’s Film of the Year Award.” Starting this year, the Kang Soo-yeon Award will be established to commemorate Ko Kang-yeon, an eternal actor and great movie star in Korea.

The Kang Soo-yeon Award is an award of encouragement and expectation to those who will contribute to the development of Korean films and open the future together, just as Kang Soo-yeon did in acting, directing, screenwriting, and production and staff sectors in the film industry. Moon Geun-young was chosen as the first winner. The winner will be given a prize of 5 million won.

The 2022 Women’s Film Festival, which marks its 23rd anniversary this year, will be held at the Cinecube Gwanghwamun 1st Hall from 7 p.m. on the 15th. After settling the activities of the Women’s Film Club and the Korea Film Gender Equality Center, the 2022 Women’s Film Awards ceremony will be held as a society of Moon So-ri.

This year’s Women’s Film Awards is the only women’s film festival in Korea that highlights women’s filmmakers who have performed remarkably during the year, and will be awarded 11 winners, including the Best Female Film Award, Achievement Award, Director Award and Acting Award.

The winner was selected by the Women’s Film Award Nomination Committee for Theater Releases and OTT Original Movies from November 6, 2021 to November 5, 2022. Among them, the acting award and the rookie acting award are selected by combining the opinions of the members and board of directors of the female film group consisting of female filmmakers working in the field.

Following the Kang Soo-yeon Award, the female filmmakers and winners of each category will be announced soon

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