Mugwort and garlic help prevent hair loss?

Mugwort and garlic help prevent hair loss?


“Suk” and “Garlic”. Mugwort and garlic are inexpensive and nutritious ingredients that Koreans have been familiar with since the past.

Mugwort and garlic also have nutrients that help prevent hair loss.

It’s full of “beta carotene” that’s good for your skin and hair!

Beta-carotene is a green component of mugwort. It can be effective in strengthening skin and hair by antioxidant action.

Beta-carotene turns into vitamin A when absorbed into the body.

Vitamin A has the effect of controlling the function of the biological membrane, which is effective in purifying blood vessels and promoting blood circulation.

It can help your scalp and hair absorb nutrients.

Retinol, a type of vitamin A, is a component that strengthens cells in the skin’s epidermis and activates the scalp sebaceous glands.

It can also be effective in lustrating the scalp and hair.

Mugwort, which has a unique fresh scent and sweetness, is excellent as a garnish for stew or soup, and is also good as an ingredient for pasta or salad.

If you make mugwort in warm water, you can enjoy tea with good flavor.

However, beta-carotene is fat-soluble and absorbs quickly when cooked with oil or taken with oil.

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