Nam Gyu-ri, Chic → I thought you were a doll

Nam Gyu-ri, Chic → I thought you were a doll with unexpected charms.

Nam Gyu-ri

Actress Nam Gyu-ri is a hot topic as she shows off her irresistible charm through a pictorial.

On the 5th, Nam Gyu-ri’s agency released a pictorial featuring Nam Gyu-ri’s various charms on its official SNS channel, drawing enthusiastic responses.

This pictorial draws attention by capturing Nam Gyu-ri’s chic and innocent charm.

Nam Gyu-ri, who was first released in the pictorial, naturally stretched her long black hair and styled a black leather jacket and jeans to double her charisma and chicness.

In particular, the unique atmosphere of black and white photography meets Nam Gyu-ri’s haughty charm, adding synergy to attract attention.

In addition, the combination of poses and deep eyes as models combined made viewers fall in love with their irresistible charm like a black hole.

In addition, Nam Gyu-ri, who has a boxy fit and sleeveless shirt layered with naturally directed hair, filled the pictorial with her colorful charm by giving off an innocent yet elegant atmosphere and unique presence.

Rumor has it that Nam Gyu-ri, who expresses completely different eyes and sensibilities depending on black and white and color mood, proved herself to be a pictorial master by showing special chemistry with the photographer throughout the photo shoot.

Nam Gyu-ri, who created a high-quality pictorial with her flawless infinite charm, is performing passionately as the top star Ahn Ga-young, who is full of charm, in tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “You Are My Spring.”

Expectations are high for Nam Gyu-ri’s subsequent performance, who captivates the small screen with her lovely charm that shows the warm-hearted chemistry with fellow actors from Seo Hyun-jin to Kim Ye-won, giving her fun with straightforward characters in the drama.

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