Namgung Min is coming and Moon Chae Won is coming

Namgung Min is coming and Moon Chae Won is coming How to make a special appearance in Model Taxi 2 is a major in the Army

Namgung Min

On-site stills of Moon Chae-won, who will make a special appearance in SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Model Taxi 2,” have been released.

On the 12th, “Model Taxi 2” released a still of Moon Chae-won’s on-site appearance in the final episode.

Previously, “Model Taxi 2” drew a lot of attention in episode 9, with “Cheonbyeon” Nam Gung-min, one of the representative cider heroes of SBS dramas, making a special appearance. Since then, the main characters of SBS Friday-Saturday dramas, including Moon Chae-won and Soyeon Kim, have announced a series of special appearances, and viewers’ interest in the SBS Friday-Saturday Universe, which was built around “Model Taxi 2.”

Among them, Moon Chae-won, in the still released, is drawing attention as she shows another female soldier’s visual from Park Joon-kyung, a major in the Army of the Attorney General in her previous work, “Beopjjan.” Charisma is felt by Moon Chae-won, who is wearing an army combat uniform with a lieutenant rank. On the other hand, meaningful expressions such as tightly closed lips and sad eyes stimulate curiosity. As a result, I am looking forward to what role Moon Chae-won will appear in “Model Taxi 2.”

Meanwhile, Moon Chae-won will work with Lee Je-hoon (played by Kim Do-ki). As it is the first reunion since Lee Je-hoon and Moon Chae-won collaborated with the audio movie “The Floor” in 2021, attention is also being paid to the first meeting between the two actors to be realized through the video

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