Napoli hit the jackpot Kim Min-jae’s top 5 recruitment

Napoli hit the jackpot Kim Min-jae’s top 5 recruitment of the year by overseas media


Kim Min-jae was a ‘hit recruitment’.

Napoli won the league title for the first time in 33 years this season. There are many champions, including Victor Osimen, Hvicha Kbaratzhelia, Stanislav Robotka, and Giovanni di Lorenzo, but Kim Min-jae’s performance is also indispensable. Kim Min-jae, who left Fenerbahce and joined Napoli ahead of this season, was in charge of Napoli’s defense by playing a big role right after the transfer. Kim Min-jae was excellent in all aspects of defense and showed a perfect center back equipped with build-up and attack participation. Thanks to his performance this season, Kim Min-jae was nominated for Italy’s Serie A team of the year and defender of the year.

The parties who recruited Kim Min-jae also knew that Kim Min-jae was an excellent player from the time he played in the Chinese and Turkiye leagues, but no one would have thought he would perform at this level from his first season in the European big leagues. In fact, even Napoli fans who cheer for Kim Min-jae every game suspected Kim Min-jae when he was first recruited. However, doubts turned into conviction over Kim Min-jae’s performance, and a smile spread around Napoli’s mouth

From Napoli’s point of view, Kim Min-jae was tantamount to a “big hit recruitment.” Napoli paid 19.5 million euros (about 27.5 billion) to Fenerbahce to recruit Kim Min-jae. Considering Kim Min-jae’s performance this season, it is a fairly low amount, and Napoli has achieved tremendous efficiency with a relatively small transfer fee.

Now, no one will protest that Kim Min-jae was a great recruit. Foreign media also acknowledged it. The global soccer media “Gol Dotcom” selected the best 21 recruits this season, and Kim Min-jae was named the fifth-highest ranking, drawing attention 파워볼사이트

Regarding Kim Min-jae, “Napoli fans were heartbroken when Kalidou Koulibaly left the team, and they were not relieved when Kim Min-jae joined.” However, doubts over whether Kim Min-jae will be able to replace Koulibaly disappeared in his first game. Kim Min-jae was an upgraded player from Koulibaly, and was nicknamed a “monster” for his perfect performance this season. “Without Kim Min-jae, Napoli would not have finished 33 years of waiting,” he said, explaining why he chose Kim Min-jae as fifth place

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