NCsoft holds an online briefing session for “2022 Global Recruitment.”

NCsoft holds an online briefing session for “2022 Global Recruitment.”


NCsoft, which is continuing its domestic and foreign talent recycling activities to strengthen its global competitiveness, held an online briefing session.

On the 6th, NC soft held an online briefing session for “2022 Global Recruitment.”

The briefing session was held for students from outstanding overseas universities such as MIT, Stanford University, Caltech, and Cornell University.

At the briefing session where pre-applicants gathered, detailed information on NCsoft’s global internship program and AI R&D status was introduced.

NCsoft is continuously carrying out recruiting talented people to strengthen its global competitiveness.

NCsoft’s global internship, which began in 2015, is attended by students from MIT, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Princeton University, and Toronto University Scarborough.

In particular, it has signed MOUs for industry-academic cooperation with MIT and Stanford University to exchange information on AI R&D fields every year as well as recruitment.

NCsoft starts recruiting global internships every December and provides final successful applicants with opportunities to participate in projects and practice in areas such as AI, NLP, and global business.

NCsoft is actively challenging the global market with various genres and platforms, said Koo Hyun-beom, chief human resources officer of NCsoft. “We are looking for talent to share these challenges and plan to expand the global internship program to many countries other than the Americas in the future.”

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