Netflix share is still overwhelming…The original content is determined

Netflix share is still overwhelming…The original content is determined


Netflix’s share of viewing time in the online video service (OTT) market is still unique.

According to Kim Ho-jung’s analysis of content usage behavior in the KISDI OTT report published by the Korea Institute for Information and Communication Policy (KISDI) on the 28th, Netflix had the highest viewing time share of the five OTT services.

During the analysis period (December 2021 to April 2022), Netflix’s share of each service was 44%, Wave and TV were 27.3% and 22.4%, and Watcha and Disney Plus were 3.7%, and 2.6%, respectively.

In addition, in the case of the share based on original content viewing time, the share gap between Netflix and other services is larger than the share gap based on the total content viewing time between them.

Netflix has the highest share of original content based on viewing time with 72.7%, followed by Tving (12.6%), Wave (9.4%), Disney Plus (4.0%), and Watcha (1.3%).

Netflix has the largest share of 52.7% in terms of viewing time of original contents in Korea

It was high, and Wave and TVing were 17.8% and 23.9%, respectively, while Watcha and Disney Plus had only 2.4% and 3.2%.

Popular content viewed from the five services to be analyzed was also distributed around Netflix, Wave, and TVing services.

Among the top 200 contents watched by the five services, the number of contents provided by Netflix was 97, Wave and TVing was 72, 88, Watcha and Disney Plus were 16 and 6, respectively.

Based on the analysis results, researcher Kim stressed, “In all five services, original content still accounts for a smaller portion of non-original content, but it is highly likely that original content plays an important role in strengthening OTT competitiveness, such as serving as a factor in the gap in viewing time share between services.”

Netflix, Wave, and Tving share based on non-original content viewing time, respectively

It was relatively similar at 37.6%, 31.3%, and 24.6%, but the share of original content viewing time was 72.7%, 9.4%, and 12.6%, which was much larger.

Researcher Kim said, “The absolute quantity is still small, so the proportion of original content during the entire viewing time is limited, but a small number of high-quality original content is likely to be a differentiator from other services.”

For example, the number of users, the number of new mobile apps, and the average time used per person increased a lot immediately after Netflix’s original domestic content, “Sea of Silence,” “Our School Now,” and “Boy Judgment,” were released, researcher Kim explained.

He also stressed that the preference for original content is considerable and that these original contents suggest the possibility of preventing the departure of existing OTT users and contributing to the influx of new users. 사설토토

In addition, if it focuses on securing high-quality domestic non-original content, it will be more efficient to attract users to services by satisfying their desire to use various contents.

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