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Netmarble ‘Fate Grand Order’, 2023 New Year’s campaign will be held


Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) announced that it will hold the “2023 New Year’s Campaign” from January 1 to 10 of the new year, which will present abundant benefits to users of the mobile RPG “Fate/Grand Order.

Netmarble will give 30 Sung Jung-seok (game goods) only once if you access the game from 4 a.m. on January 1 to 3:59 a.m. on January 4, and will provide a rare item “Holy Grail” when accessing the game on the third day with a login bonus every day.

In addition, various rewards such as Sung Jung-seok and a new command code “Those carrying Taemo” will be given through the “New Year’s Special Panel Mission” event, which will be held until the 10th, and a conceptual certificate to commemorate the “New Year’s Special Panel Mission” will be presented when all panel missions are achieved.

In commemoration of the hosting of the New Year’s campaign, a summons will be made to pick up the “7th Special Five-Star Servant,” including “Five-Star Okita Soji (Ulter) (Ultergo), and the “Confirmed Summon System” will be applied from the new year.

If the system fails to obtain the desired special five-star (SSR) serbunt from the target pickup up to 329 times, it will definitely pay one serbunt to be picked up only once in 330 times. The company explained that the number of summonses is counted individually when several pickups are carried out at the same time, or when the schedule changes every day and the contents of the pick-up change.

Meanwhile, a lucky bag summons will be held until the 10th, which can definitely summon the first 5-star Servant with 15 paid Sung Jung-seok.

In addition, the “Now, Say Goodbye to Kamakura” event will be held from January 6 to 20. This event is a story-type event that leaves as a singularity to solve the problem with a mysterious woman who appeared to be the teacher of “Ushiwakamaru.” Upon completion of this event, you can obtain a ‘4-star Kiichi Hogen’. In commemoration of the event, Netmarble also prepared a pickup summons featuring “five-star Tyranno Kagekiyo (Avenger).”

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