Neuer, is it time to step down?Germany..

Neuer, is it time to step down?Germany No.2, Clean Seat Ratio ‘75%’


Mark Andre Ter Stegen has a huge clean sheet rate.

Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid 1-0 in the 16th round of the Spanish La Liga in the 2022-23 season at Sibitas Metropolitano in Madrid, Spain, at 5 a.m. on the 9th. As a result, Barcelona recorded 13 wins, two draws, and one loss (41 points), further consolidating its top spot.

Recently, I tried to continue the good atmosphere. Barcelona, which went through a rather difficult time last season, sought a comeback by actively reinforcing the summer transfer market. Coach Xavi Hernandez, who entered his second year, injected Barcelona DNA into the squad, which led to good results from the beginning. He suffered the humiliation of being eliminated from the group stage in the UEFA Champions League, but is cruising in the league. Except for the El Clasico defeat, he has not lost a single game in 15 games.

He also managed the game efficiently against Atletico, a “strong opponent.” Barcelona won without losing a point even though it was held at the Sibitas Metropolitano, which is called hell for the away team. He gave up as many as 20 shots, but did not give up a single goal and maintained the lead well until the end with Usman Dembele’s first goal in the 22nd minute of the first half.

The defenders’ performance stood outstanding. Players who played as back four on the day received a high rating of more than seven points based on the soccer statistics media ‘Huskored’. Among them, Kunde was selected as the Man of the Match (MOM) with a game-high rating of 7.70. The record is great, too. The four defenders recorded eight combined tackles, six intercepts, 14 clearings and five blocks. This means that Atletico has been blocked by those who attack.

The goalkeeper’s performance is also indispensable. Ter Stegen made three saves to secure Barcelona’s goal.

Not only in this game. Ter Stegen is continuing its ‘all-time’ trend in the league this season. He has achieved 11 clean sheets in 35 league games last season, but has already achieved 12 clean sheets now that he has played only 16 games. The figure amounts to 75% in terms of probability alone. Barcelona has only allowed six runs in the league and has the lowest runs in five major European leagues, with Ter Stegen at the center.

Standing as the world’s top goalkeeper, his next goal is the national team’s No. 1. Despite the numerous outstanding goalkeepers, one player was responsible for the German national team’s goal for a long time. The main character is Manuel Neuer. Despite his poor skills compared to his heyday, he still showed his class and played in all matches at the last Qatar World Cup. Ter Stegen, who has made his national team debut for more than 10 years, is blocked by Neuer’s wall and has only 30 A matches. 안전놀이터

But the opportunity has come. Neuer recently suffered a long-term injury. As he is in his twilight years, it remains to be seen whether he will regain his previous skills even after his return. Germany, which suffered a shocking elimination from the group stage at the last Qatar World Cup, is looking for a change. In this regard, a new wind is expected to blow into the No. 1 position, which has not changed for a long time.

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