New actress Shin Si A, the main character of Witch 2

New actress Shin Si A, the main character of Witch 2

Shin Si A

“The fact that I’m coming out on that big screen was so amazing and nice. I want to hear that I’m looking forward to the next episode the most.“

Scary newcomer who broke through a 1408 to 1 competition rate. Actress Shin Si A (24), who starred in the movie “Witch 2” as her debut film, is the main character. Shin Si A, who first showed her face through “Witch 2” released by director Park Hoon-jung in four years, played the role of a “girl” who was chased by various forces after surviving alone in a secret research institute and coming out of the world. He learns warmth by establishing a relationship with Kyunghee and Daegil siblings.

Shin Si A said in a recent round interview at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul, “I was new to the scene, so everything was awkward and I didn’t know well like a girl who is new to the world,” adding, “I think the relationship between the girl, Kyung-hee, and Dae-gil was similar to me on the set.”

As “Witch 2” claims to be a Korean superhero movie, it provides colorful attractions through various types of weapons and actions. Regarding the movie, Shin SiA explained, “The worldview has expanded a lot, featuring more diverse characters, and the outdoor action scenes have increased, so there are spectacular things to see.” “As the girl has strong power, I tried to show actions that can give intensity in simplicity rather than flashy actions,” he said adding, “I don’t regret the role, but I want to try colorful actions like other characters when I have a chance.” 안전놀이터

Shin SiA, who was a huge fan of the previous film, said, “I was burdened by the good performance of the previous film, but I think I was more responsible.” I was determined to do my best not to be someone else in my previous work, he said. “The director, seniors, and staff all trusted me a lot, so I gained strength.” “I want to be seen as the girl of ‘Witch 2’ first rather than imprinting actress Shin Si A (through this movie),” he said.

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