Newcastle United… Liverpool – Can you beat Real? I got a fortune..

Newcastle United… Liverpool – Can you beat Real? I got a fortune-telling for a rising star!

Can Newcastle United win?

Newcastle United

According to German media ‘Bild’, Newcastle has entered the competition to recruit Jude Bellingham next summer. It plans to play four-way matches against Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Bellingham is showing a huge presence at a young age of 19. It has become the core of the midfield and is also playing the role of Dortmund’s captain.

Bellingham is said to be able to play both central and side midfielders and to have sharp kick skills.

Bellingham’s presence was also confirmed on the world stage. At the Qatar World Cup, he made a good impression by showing excellent midfield coordination, connection, and passes along with the operation of scoring shots.

As for Bellingham, big clubs Real, Liverpool, and Manchester City are preparing to recruit him. Newcastle are in the mood to join this.

Newcastle United turned into a rich club by acquiring it from a place run by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (PIF).

Newcastle have been keen to recruit superstars since taking over as new owner, and Bellingham appears to have been chosen as the right person.

Every game… Fans are paying more attention to the Bellingham match.

If Newcastle were to take this recruitment…If you succeed, how much influence and… I don’t know what kind of waves will happen in the season. Attention is being paid to. What kind of strength will he show? This season, in the recruitment war of all teams… I don’t know what he’ll look like. There is a lot of interest.

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