“Newcastle, we need to recruit Hvicha…

“Newcastle, we need to recruit Hvicha, who looks like Son Heung-min…


Son Heung-min (30, Tottenham) appeared as a comparison target in an article on the transfer rumor that appeared on a soccer fan site.

The “Football Fancast” dealt with rumors of recruiting “Kim Min-jae’s teammate” Hvicha Kravatshelia (21, Naples), who was linked to English Premier League club Newcastle United on the 24th.

The site “claimed” that Newcastle should immediately recruit Hvicha, called “Kvaradona,” from Maradona in the January transfer market to reinforce its power.

“Hvicha is similar to Son Heung-min in various ways, such as style and stats,” the “Football Fancast” said, expecting that if Hvicha joins Newcastle, he will be able to perform the same as Son Heung-min.

The site introduced the fact that Hvicha’s compatriot’s non-penalty score in Europe is in the top 6%. Son is in the top 4 percent. He also stressed that he recorded an average of 1.9 key passes per game, similar to Son Heung-min (2.2). 안전놀이터

Football Fancast said, “Son Heung-min has been the most threatening striker in EPL in recent years. “I was involved in six goals in 13 games against Newcastle,” he said, predicting that “Georgia’s Wizard” Hvicha could become “Newcastle’s Son Heung-min.”

Hvicha, who joined Napoli this year, attracted the attention of the big club with eight goals and 10 assists in 17 matches in Serie A and the European Champions League. Napoli reportedly set a transfer fee of more than 100 million euros.

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