Nexon launches beta test for PC shooting game ‘Bale Expert’

Nexon launches beta test for PC shooting game ‘Bale Expert’


Nexon will start a global beta test of its PC shooting game “VEILED EXPERTS,” which is being developed by Nexon Games.

The test, which starts at 4 p.m. on the 9th, can be participated through Steam, and only pre-bookers can experience it until the 12th, and anyone can access and play the game from the 13th to the 26th.

Along with the start of this test, a pre-experience key will be provided if you watch the broadcast of a streamer who has activated Drops in the “Bale Expert” category for more than an hour on the streaming platform Twitch until the 12th.

In addition, if the agent level is achieved up to 10, a “beta VX suit” will be presented, and users who have acquired the costume of all agents will be given an additional “beta MPX expert” lepton that can use “gold MPX skin.” During the test period, a survey will be conducted for users who played the game, and the character wearing item “Beta VX Mask” will be provided to all users who participated in the survey.

“Bale Expert” is a third-person shooting game that is divided into five to five in an ever-changing combat environment, featuring nine agents with their own individuality and characteristics, and provides a bombing mission to detonate or release bombs at target points.

Nexon has been conducting online showcases and regular tests every month since December last year, reflecting feedback from users, and plans to aim at the global shooting game market with this test.

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