Nexon officially starts pre-registration for new hit 2

Nexon officially starts pre-registration for new hit 2

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Nexon announced on the 30th that it has started a pre-registration event before the official release of its new MMORPG “Hit 2,” which is being developed by its subsidiary Nexon Games.

Hit 2 is an official numbering title that connects Nexon’s flagship mobile intellectual property (IP) ‘HIT’. It is a large MMORPG that has been reborn as an overwhelming scale of siege and field battles by expanding the game scale while inheriting the sensitivity of the original work. Nexon is going to start ‘Hit 2′ official service in South Korea as a mobile and PC multi-platform in the second half of this year.

Prior to this, Nexon will hold a pre-registration event on the official site of “Hit 2” and provide “Kiki’s Adventurer Support Box” and “Blessed Adventurer’s Necklace” as compensation for participation. When participating through Google Play and Apple’s App Store, 100,000 gold and consumable items will be additionally paid.

In addition, game information including worldviews and classes was first released through the official site, and new cinematic videos of “Hit 2”, worldview trailers, and introduction videos by class were introduced. In the released video, you can check out the main contents such as the attractive visuals and concepts of the characters.

In addition, major developers of “Hit 2” released teaser videos, heralding a documentary-type three-part series “Director Commentary,” which sincerely reveals the secrets related to game development. The first episode of “Director Commentary” will open on July 7.

Nexon opened its official community of “Hit 2” on the same day and introduced an event called “The Adventurer’s Letter” to listen to users’ voices even before its official release. When users deliver various opinions and suggestions on “Hit 2” through “The Adventurer’s Letter,” developers will respond through communication channels later.

Park Young-sik, producer of Nexon Games, said, “We repeatedly thought about how we could expand the fun we shared in the original work in the MMORPG environment,” adding, “We prepared Hit 2’s siege from the time of service opening to anyone’s participation, so please look forward to its official release.”

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