Nexon to launch ‘DFML’ new class ‘female inspection’

Nexon to launch ‘DFML’ new class ‘female inspection’


Nexon announced on the 20th that it has successfully held the “2022 Dungeon & Fighter Mobile League (DFML) pre-season,” the first user event of the mobile game “Dungeon & Fighter Mobile.”

The event, which was held on the 19th, hosted the first mini showcase and the second DFML pre-season competition. Director Neople Lee Won-man and Ok Sung-tae participated in the mini showcase to unveil Post-Motem in the first half of 2022, Summer Update Plan and Roadmap in the second half. In the second part of the event, the “Lotus Raid Event Game” and the “DFML Preseason” competition with a total prize money of 100 million won were held.

First of all, director Lee Won-man announced future improvements by unveiling post-motem and summer update plans in the first half of 2022.

On June 30, a new class for Dunpa Mobile will be added with a female test and four types of former characters, ▲Swordmaster ▲ Demonslayer ▲ Dark Templer ▲ Vega Bond, will be unveiled. Director Lee Won-man said, “We have improved the attractive personality of female prosecutors to feel more cheerful action and manipulation by moving them to mobile.”

In commemoration of the addition of the female test class, a pre-registration event will be held until June 29, and two types of items will be provided to participating users, such as the “Time of Sword and Horse” and the “Women’s Test Creature Box.”

In July, it plans to add various contents such as Lotus Hard Mode and Black Earth Battlefield. Lotus Hard Mode is a separate dungeon from the Lotus Raid, which consists of three pages, and you can experience the power of the powerful apostle and receive an upward reward.

Director Ok Sung-tae then introduced two types of former jobs, the “Namprist” class and the ▲ Crusader ▲ Infighter, which have strengthened their combat roles through the roadmap in the second half of the year of Dunpa Mobile. In addition, he also announced plans to add three additional types, including ▲ Mistress ▲ Witch ▲ Heresy Judge as a former Yeoprist character.

In addition, Dunpa Mobile’s new character “Warrior” was unveiled and two additional plans were unveiled, including ▲ Wildbane ▲ Windsheer. In addition, it announced plans to expand the highest level of Dunpa Mobile to 65 in the second half of the year, and update plans such as Korea University Dungeon Naxheim and Ozma Reid.

At the same time, actor Jung Ji-so appeared to deliver his plan for the activities of Dungeon Mobile’s first Ambassador, and released the OST of the female test that he participated in. Nexon

In the second part, the Lotus Raid PVE competition, involving 12 popular streamers such as Gamst and Guinea-Newda, was held, followed by a DFML preseason with a total of 100 million won in prize money. In the competition, which was held with “three-to-three streamers” and “one-to-one adventurer” competition, the “Hoo-Koo-Koo-Koo” team and “Kim Dong-wook” won the final game, becoming the main characters of “21 million won in cash, 6 million won in cash, and 5 million won in cash.”

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