NHN pre-book mobile strategy simulation ‘Guns Up’

NHN pre-book mobile strategy simulation ‘Guns Up’

Guns Up
NHN has started pre-booking ahead of the official launch of “Guns Up.”

On the 10th, NHN started pre-booking for its mobile strategy simulation game “Guns Up,” which is scheduled to be released this fall.

Guns Up is a tower defense mobile strategy game that uses military characters and units to destroy enemy bases and win victory.

It is based on IP (Intellectual Property Rights) of the same name, which was popular on PlayStation and PC.

It has a horizontal scroll play method that is optimized for mobile devices.

Guns Up has increased user freedom by providing various customization options in the process of designing bases and nurturing characters.

Users can build the only unit in the world and fight with other users, and challenge their limits through PVE mode.
There are four types of PVE mode, which repel endless groups of zombies or rescue prisoners held in enemy camps.

Starting with this pre-booking, NHN is planning to launch a global soft launch in September based in India and the Philippines.

After verifying stability of games through soft launch, it will officially launch globally this fall.

“Guns Up is a military strategy simulation game where you can enjoy differentiated fun through invasion of enemy bases and tower defense,” said Jung Jung Jung-jae, senior secretary at the Core Game Office of NHN.

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