“Nice to meet you! Dino”. The reason why Gangwon FC’s..

“Nice to meet you! Dino”. The reason why Gangwon FC’s off-season training has become lighter.


Dino is back.’

Gangwon FC left for Thailand on the 5th for its first off-season training. It is an overseas off-season training that will conduct basic quenching for about 20 days before starting the second off-season training in Gijang-gun, Busan in February.

He is bound to take his first step with a puffy dream of the new year’s first start and the upcoming 2023 season. Here was an expectation factor that made Gangwon’s steps lighter.

It’s Dino Islamovic (29) who looks happy. Dino (registered name) entered the country on the night of the 3rd and joined the Gangwon team before heading to Thailand with the team.

As a result, Gangwon began its first off-season training with a “complete group” of foreign players. Earlier, Gangwon fully recruited Gallego and re-embedded Alibayev (Asian Quarter), who was previously appointed by head coach Choi Yong-soo in FC Seoul. On top of that, the formation of foreign players was completed with the addition of defender Kevin, who entered the country with Dino.

This is the first time since Choi took office in Gangwon Province that he will start his first training in the winter season with all foreign players. Expectations for organizational power are also rising as the period of time to step together has increased.

Moreover, Dino has a history like ‘a thousand troops and horses’ from Gangwon’s point of view. This is even more so in the situation of Gangwon, a provincial team that has no remarkable reinforcement of power this year.

Dino was the most unfortunate player for Choi and Gangwon fans last year. Dino, who scored the winning goal from the opening game of the 2022 season, his debut stage in the K League, scored two goals in the first four games of the season. At that time, Gangwon’s total score was four goals, which was enough to give hope for Gangwon’s new troubleshooter.

In particular, he showed his breakthrough power like a bison and “one-shot one-kill” determination with a superior physical body of 1m90 and 85kg, receiving favorable reviews for “scary objects appeared.” However, I encountered an unexpected bad news. During the fifth round match against Suwon FC on March 13 last year, he was carried out by an ambulance after holding his left foot by the neck while making a sharp turn to beat the opponent’s defense. Achilles tendon rupture, season out.

Since Dino returned to his native Sweden for surgery and rehabilitation, Gangwon has fallen into the abyss of slump for a while. Nevertheless, Gangwon produced a “small miracle” that ended the season as a top group, but also left a regret that “If there was Dino, he could have taken a leap forward.”

I think Dino will be glad to see him back in good health. It is different from last year. Dino joined Gangwon for the first time on February 6 last year. It was when Gangwon was conducting the second domestic off-season training in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do. It was because the entry process was delayed due to COVID-19. Just two weeks before the season’s opening, he joined the team late to build up his body. It was not unreasonable to observe that unexpected injuries would have nothing to do with this.

Before leaving the country, Dino said in an interview with Sports Chosun, “Thanks to the care of the Gangwon club, my injury has recovered about 80%. “It doesn’t interfere with training,” he said, announcing smooth rehabilitation.

Dino then said, “I’m happy to be back on the team. “It was a shame that I left too soon last season, but this year, I want to stay in good shape all year and stay with the team until the end,” he said.

Coach Choi Yong-soo still couldn’t let go of his mind. “It is true that Dino’s joining is a good thing, but as the overall performance has not improved significantly, I will prepare for the new season calmly,” Choi said. “I hope we can do as much as the 2022 season,” he said.

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