Nomo-Darvish beat everyone! “20 ML wins in total.” Otani

Nomo-Darvish beat everyone! “20 ML wins in total.” Otani


As expected, a monster is a monster. Ohtani Shohei (LA Angels) won his 20th career victory in the Major League, beating all Japanese players of all time to become the top winning percentage.

Otani started the home game against the Chicago White Sox in the 2022 Major League Baseball at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, on the 30th (Korea Standard Time), and pitched 108 pitches, 5 hits, 1 walk, and 11 strikeouts in 5이닝 innings.

On the day, Ohtani struggled a bit with no hits and one walk in three at-bats. However, starting with the Boston Red Sox game on the 10th, he won four consecutive personal wins by catching the Seattle Mariners, Kansas City Royals, and Chicago White Sox in a row and won his seventh win (four losses) of the season.

It was a tremendous pitch that needed no words. 108 pitches were the highest number of individual pitches, and 101 miles marked the highest speed tie, continuing a scoreless streak of 21이닝 innings. Otani blocked the White Sox batting line by throwing a splitter (21 pitches) and a curve (15 pitches) based on a powerful four-seam fastball (36 pitches) and a slider (36 pitches) of up to 101 miles (162.5 kilometers). And in this process, as many as 11 strikeouts were eliminated.

The pace of June is huge. Otani pitched in five games (29 ) innings) and struck out 38 strikeouts, with four wins, one loss and a 1.52 ERA. He is raising his pace to 0.298 (28 hits in 94 at-bats) OPS 0.972 with six home runs and 17 RBIs. Even if he wins the monthly MVP award in June, his performance is not strange at all.

Otani marked his 20th career victory in the Major League, marking the highest winning percentage among Japanese players. Japan’s “Nikkan Sports” said, “Otani achieved 20 wins for the 16th time in Japanese players’ history,” adding, “The winning rate was 69%, the highest among pitchers with more than 20 wins.”

Japanese player’s winning rate over 20 ML wins
1. Shohei Otani 20 wins, 9 losses, 69%
2. Masahiro Tanaka 78 wins, 46 losses, 62.9% win rate
3. Hisashi Iwakuma 63 wins, 41 losses, 61.8% win rate
4. Kenta Maeda has 59 wins, 41 losses, and a 59% win rate
5. Takashi Saito 21 wins, 16 losses, 58.3% win rate
6. Daisuke Matsuzaka 56 wins, 43 losses, 56.6% winning rate

When he reached 20 wins, he was ranked second. “Nikkan Sports” said, “At the time of achieving 20 wins, the winning rate is second to 70% of Masahiro Tanaka (20 wins and 8 losses), adding, “We are ahead of 66.7% (20 wins and 10 losses) of third-place Darvish Yu (20 wins and 10 losses) and 64.5% (20 wins and 11 losses) of fourth-place Nomo Hideo and Iwakuma.”

Otani, who won the American League’s “Unanimous MVP” last year, has recently been speeding up his pace. If the current trend continues, winning the MVP award for the second consecutive year will never be a dream. 코인파워볼

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