‘Not like SF’….”Mets and Corea continue to talk even after the…

‘Not like SF’….”Mets and Corea continue to talk even after the ‘Medical Test Problem’

Metz and Corea

Carlos Correa (28, FA) is expected to sign with the Mets despite the medical test issue.

John Heyman, a reporter for the US. media “New York Post,” said on the 26th (Korea Standard Time), “The blockbuster contract between Corea and the New York Mets has been put on hold due to Christmas vacation. We are trying to solve the problem after the problem occurred in the medical test. However, a considerable amount of hope remains, he said. “It is estimated that the problem occurred due to surgery in 2014 and the resulting MRI.”

Correa was originally scheduled to sign with the San Francisco Giants, not the Mets. He signed a 13-year, $350 million contract with San Francisco. However, a problem occurred in the medical test, and San Francisco postponed Corea’s joining ceremony. When the contract was not confirmed, the Mets of “billionaire” owner Steve Cohen approached. The Mets signed a 12year, $315 million contract with Correa.

However, problems also occurred in medical tests with the Mets. Eventually, he spent Christmas without confirming the contract. There have also been talks about the cancellation of the contract, but the possibility seems small. “Before the Christmas holiday, the two sides discussed injuries. Correa has missed an average of 14 games in the past three seasons. According to agent Scott Boras, he said, “I have not received related treatment since the surgery in 2014.”

The Mets are also active in recruiting Corea. “We needed one more thing, and that’s what we needed,” Cohen said on the “New York Post” after the news that he had agreed on a contract with Corea. “This was important.” This makes us the best.”

“Unlike the case of San Francisco, there seems to be a more practical conversation between the Mets and Corea’s agents after this medical test,” Heyman said.

Correa joined the Houston Astros in the first round of the 2012 draft. Corea, who first played in the big leagues in 2015, played for Houston until 2021. He then moved to the Minnesota Twins this season and recorded 152 hits, 22 home runs, 64 RBIs, and 70 runs batted in 0.291 and OPS 0.833 in 136 games. His career record in Major League Baseball is 933 hits, 155 home runs, 553 RBIs, and 0.279 OPS 0.836 batting average.

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