“Nuguri” Jang Ha-kwon has been on the “lold Cup” stage

“Nuguri” Jang Ha-kwon has been on the “lold Cup” stage for three years in a row.


Jang Ha-kwon, the top liner of South Korea, remained active even after entering the LOL Professional League (LPL), the Chinese league of LOL eSports. Jang Ha-kwon’s advance to the finals of his team, Funplus, will show his face at the LOL World Championship (hereinafter referred to as the LOL World Cup). It has been named the best stage for three consecutive years since its first entry in 2019.

Punplus advanced to the finals after defeating WE 3-0 in the semifinals of the 2021 LOL Professional League (LPL) Summer playoffs held in Shanghai, China on the 27th. With the advance to the final, Funplus was the first LPL team to secure tickets to the League of Legends. Punplus has secured at least the second seed in China with 180 points (second place in spring, summer final).

The Nuguri, who started the top line on the day, played a decisive role in the second set, leading the team to the final. He also appeared in the LOL Cup for the third consecutive year. In 2019, Jang Ha-kwon played his first League of Legends match as a member of Damwon. Jang Ha-kwon, who ended the first tournament with a quarterfinals, won the championship with his teammates who grew up a year later in the League of Legends. He made a mark in the history of LOL e-sports by writing “Challengers’ Mythology” in the second division.

Jang Ha-kwon, who joined Funplus of the Chinese league in the 2021 season, helped his team advance to the League of Legends after adjusting to the season. Jang Ha-kwon, who will be on stage at the 2021 LOL World Cup, is expected to meet with his former team Damwon at the competition. After Jang Ha-kwon’s departure, Damwon, who succeeded in strengthening his power with the recruitment of coach Kim Jung-kyun and “Khan” Kim Dong-ha, won tickets to the 2021 Rolled Cup early on. 토토사이트

Damwon will compete against T1 in the summer season final of 2021 LOL Champions Korea (LCK) at CJ ENM Studios in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on the afternoon of the 28th. Jang Ha-kwon did not forget to cheer for Dam-won in an interview after the match on the 27th. Jang Ha-kwon said, “I hope Dam-won will set a record with the victory. “I hope we can meet at the LOL Cup with good performance.”

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