Ohtani Wins AL’s Best Designated Batter Award for 2 consecutive years

Ohtani Wins AL’s Best Designated Batter Award for 2 consecutive years


MLB dotcom announced on the 29th that Otani was selected as the winner of the “Edgar Martinez Award,” which will be awarded to the MLB American League (AL)’s top designated hitter this year following last year.

Established in 1973, the award has been awarded under its current name since 2004 to commemorate the achievements of Seattle Mariners legendary hitter Edgar Martinez. It is the first time in 25 years that a player has received this award in a row since David Otis (then Boston Red Sox), who won five consecutive years (2003-2007).

Otani recorded 34 home runs (4th) and 95 RBIs (7th) as a batter this year, and he also recorded 15 wins (joint 8th), 2.33 ERA (6th), and 219 strikeouts (6th). For the first time in MLB history in 147 years, he also recorded 10 wins, 30 home runs, 200 strikeouts, and 30 home runs for the first time.

However, he failed to win the AL MVP and Hank Aaron Award for the second consecutive year due to the symbolism of Aaron Judge (New York Yankees), who broke the record for the most home runs (62) in a single season this year. Silver Slugger in the AL designated hitter category was also given up to Jordan Alvarez (Houston Astros).

Ohtani, who almost ended the year with “no crown” despite his record, added a trophy for the first time in a while thanks to Edgar Martinez.

Ohtani plans to join the Japanese national baseball team at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) next March after building his body in Japan throughout the winter. The Japanese national team declared, “We will offer Otani a pitching and hitting job at the WBC as well.”

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