Only the worst drawback of the 80 billion White Arsenal debut

Only the worst drawback of the 80 billion White Arsenal debut


Ben White, 23, received harsh criticism in Arsenal’s official debut match.

Arsenal lost 0-2 to Brentford in the first round of the 2021-22 English Premier League (EPL) at Brentford Community Stadium in Brentford, England, at 4 a.m. on the 14th (Korea time).

It was a shocking result. Arsenal’s opponent Brentford is the first team in 74 years to join the first division. Although he showed his potential at the England Championship last season and has quasi-professional resources such as Ivan Tony and Christopher Ayer, he is far behind in comparison with Arsenal in terms of club size, history and current power. No matter how disappointing Arsenal performed last season, the prevailing opinion was that they would catch Brentford.

But when I opened the lid, it wasn’t. Arsenal secured more than 60 percent of the market throughout the game and fired shower shots, but their accuracy and determination were significantly lacking. Injured Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexander Lacazette were left blank. Florian Balogun, Gabriel Martinelli, filled the front line but lacked presence.

The defense was also disappointing. In particular, the slump in White, which newly joined the team, was painful. Arsenal have invested 58.5 million euros (about 80.3 billion won) this summer to recruit White, who has been active in Brighton and has even joined the England national team. In addition to his defensive capabilities, White was considered to be the right centerback for Mikel Arteta’s football team for his build-up, leadership, and multi-talinity.

But there was a fatal weakness. It was a backlog in competition with the right to offer. Since Brighton, White has shown that his opponent has a good physical shape and is good at post-play. During Brighton’s time, Lewis Dunk and others played this part, and White played a different role 파워볼사이트

It was different at Arsenal. Pablo Marie, who came out as a partner on the day, failed to make up for the white shortcomings. White was beaten all the way by Ivan Tony. Out of 11 ball competitions, he won only five times. He also won only three out of seven ground competitions. The success rate was less than half. When Brentford launched a counterattack, there was a scene where he gave up an opportunity because he could not control it properly.

There were harsh criticisms. The soccer statistics media “Huscore Dotcom” gave White 6.04 points, ranking third in the lowest rating. “White was calm in the first half, but his small stature was held back and he was often pushed back in the fight against Tony,” said England’s Football London. The rating was five points. “White avoided a race against Tony,” said Britain’s 90min. “We couldn’t cope with the entry of other fast strikers,” he said.

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