Only Top Gun, the pinnacle of Tom Cruise filmography

Only Top Gun, the pinnacle of Tom Cruise filmography

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

The second character in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” shakes the life of the main character

It’s the heyday of the second character. Quite a few famous people are making a secondary character one by one. The same applies to ordinary people. There is also a social context in the trend of secondary characters. Psychiatrist Ha Ji-hyun says, “The more frustrating life in social identity is, the greater the desire for a secondary character.” Let’s look at the examples of Yoo Jae-seok and Lee Hyo-ri, who took the lead in popularizing their secondary characters.

For the two, who have been active as entertainers for many years, the public’s desire (or hope so) has helped to steadily strengthen their social identity. Each was trapped in a strong main character of a vegetarian who refused to advertise in the right way and commercial life, and the range of movement was not free. However, the desires that were not satisfied while being in the main character through the secondary character were naturally resolved, and the public, who were sensitive to freedom from liberation, would have responded more loudly.

However, there is a prerequisite for the success of the secondary character. The main character should not be shaken. Yoo Jae-seok and Lee Hyo-ri had solid main characters such as “Ilja” and “Superstar.” Even if he traveled abroad as a rookie trot singer and a Korean-American hair designer (?), he could always return to square one and not lose his direction. Then, how will the secondary character activities look when the main character is shaken? Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” details the psychology of the main character, which is shaken by the side character that appeared in the front.

Midnight Odyssey to Be a Booker

Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) and his wife Alice Harford (Nicole Kidman) are invited to a Christmas party hosted by millionaire Ziegler (Sydney Pollock) and caught up in an unexpected incident. Bill, who is also Ziegler’s doctor, is called by Ziegler while chatting with two women he first met at a party. This is because Ziegler’s inner lover lost her mind due to an overdose. While Bill went to treat her, a Hungarian man recommends dancing to Alice, who is left alone, and makes a sticky and terrible courtship. Fortunately, my lover comes to her senses, and Alice shakes off her courtship.

The problem is the next day. The couple ask each other about what happened at the party. Alice asks Bill if he was involved with two women. Bill says no and asks Alice again about the man she was dancing with. Alice replies that she was courted but refused. It’s ALICE’s turn. Ask the two women if they’ve developed a desire, and Bill responds that he’s married and doesn’t have that desire. In response to Bill’s answer, Alice bursts into laughter, saying, “It’s a lie that there is no desire itself,” and reveals an amazing secret. The fact is that he was fascinated by a naval officer who passed by last summer’s vacation spot and could have abandoned his husband and child.

The phone rings before the shocked Bill’s reason returns. It’s a call that his patient has died. Bill leaves home in a hurry, but Alice’s confession is stuck in her mind. To make matters worse, strange things happen one after another. He suddenly receives a love confession from his daughter, who is about to get married to the deceased patient, and falls for the temptation of a street woman who normally would not. As soon as I tried to make a relationship at the woman’s house, I heard a strange story from my old friend Nick, who I met by chance while getting Alice’s phone call and moving again. There is a place where he plays the piano blindfolded every night, and everyone wears masks and has a strange meeting.

Bill borrows a cloak and mask from a costume shop called “Rainbow Fashion” and joins a secret gathering that can only be entered by saying the code “Fidelio.” The gridlock at the secret gathering at the magnificent suburban mansion was astonishing and shocking. It was a decadent ball where naked women and knight-clad men gathered together to dance and have a group relationship. But Bill, an uninvited guest, soon gets caught up and is forced to take off all his clothes in front of the members. At that moment, an unknown woman appears and tells him to release Bill, saying she will be guilty instead. In fact, she was a woman who had warned Bill to get out of the party because it was a dangerous place.

Alice says she had a nightmare when she saw Bill finally returning home after many twists and turns. In her dream, Alice attended a nudity meeting and was laughing at Bill, having relationships with countless men. At dawn, Bill visits last night’s mansion, but receives a terrifying warning that he cannot guarantee safety if he digs further into it. He visits the hotel where Nick is staying to recount the clues, but he is told by a desk clerk that Nick was taken away by an unidentified man at dawn. Disappointed, he goes to return his costume to rainbow fashion, but the mask disappears completely, and he learns that Ziegler’s inner lover, who saved Bill’s life at a party a few days ago, died.

a confused moment I hear from Ziegler. I’m asking you to come home. Bill visits Ziegler’s house and hears surprising facts. Ziegler said he was at the meeting yesterday, too, telling him not to pay any more attention. You said you wouldn’t be able to sleep if you knew who the people were. Returning home exhausted, Bill finds his lost mask lying on his bed pillow, bursts into tears and tells Alice all the facts.

Kubrick boldly erases the boundaries between dreams and reality

Director Kubrick adds several cinematic devices to the complex story of the main character and the secondary character-dream and reality-to fill a realistic volume and instill a dreamlike atmosphere. The device that stands out is ‘repeat’. Ziegler’s house, Whore’s house, rainbow fashion, and even a secret mansion. Bill visits the place he visited last night again during the day and realizes that what he experienced was not a dream, but a reality. At the same time, the strange connections that follow in each place reinforce the secrecy of the relationships surrounding the Bill.

Repeating the lines is also indispensable. Unlike Kubrick, who showed stylish lines in each work, such as Barry Lyndon, which makes use of the formal conversations of European nobles, and Full Metal Jacket, which reminds us of real troops, the characters in Eyes Wide Shut do not have pedantic or witty conversations. However, it cannot be said that there is no style. This movie’s style is because repetition is key as follows.

Bill: What did he want? / Alice: What did he want? Oh, what did he want?
Domino: Do you want to go inside with me? / Bill: You want me to go inside with you?

The repeated lines, coupled with the repetition of the place, create a strange sense of vision and hallucination.

Kubrick goes one step further and mixes dreams and reality. As the movie begins, Dmitri Shostakovich’s “Waltz No. 2” will be set in the background. The couple is pictured preparing to attend the party over antique and provocative waltz music.

A few lines come and go, and Bill turns off the audio in the living room, and the background music quickly disappears. The music that was believed to have been inserted outside the movie was actually played in the movie. Kubrick boldly and cinematically erases the boundaries between dreams and reality from the start.

The casting is the finishing touch. Kubrick worked hard to cast Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, the real-life couple and top stars at the time. It was to actively arouse the audience’s voyeurism, which is the actual power of the film. Of course, unlike the prejudice that it is writer-oriented, Kubrick’s commercial decision, which was always concerned about box office success, may have been included. In any case, the audience was forced to project the perception that it was not like a real couple’s acting into the movie, and through the passionate acting of the two actors, they set foot on the boundary between reality and dream.

The beauty of marriage is to deceive the other person?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Alice, who believed that Bill’s adventures during the night were the real characters. It begins when he finds out that his devoted, calm, and quiet wife was actually a secondary character. Bill, who is on the night street due to emotional feelings, makes a secondary character impulsively, but only the identity of the main character is shaken. This is because a precarious secondary character who did not faithfully and healthily reflect his desire at a time when neither Bill nor Alice had a solid main character appeared at the forefront of his life. Then, is the message of the movie instructive to “create a solid main character that is not shaken by the secondary character” unlike Kubrick’s?

At Ziegler’s Christmas party, the Hungarian man constantly flirts with Alice. Even when they draw a line as a married woman, they sometimes give a strange answer that makes them speechless, “Isn’t the beauty of marriage deceiving the other person?” Maybe it’s not just wrong.

What is needed in a ‘marriage system’ with strong institutional and cultural cohesion may be to deceive the other person well. Of course, cheating does not mean becoming the main character of an affair or talking about an immoral way to secretly decorate other things without asking for the consent of a spouse. We can fool our spouses enough with a secondary character created with numerous moral feelings such as commitment, quietness, responsibility, and friendship.

This secondary character is not bad at all right now. In “Common Languages,” writer Kim Eana says, “It is only possible to be selfish to exist as a whole person everywhere,” when she is confused that she exists in a different form depending on the situation. It means, “To be considerate, to love, to be responsible, to have history, so we often look different.” Alice probably knew the center of gravity of the main character and the secondary character instinctively. After silently listening to Bill’s confession after wandering in the ending scene of the movie, Alice asks her to go shopping with her daughter first. At the mall, Alice says this. 코인파워볼

“Think of it like this. We should be thankful. / We can get through all our adventures without a hitch.Whether it was real or a dream. / The important thing is that we’re awake now And fortunately…For a very long time.”

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

And at the end, he throws a very provocative and shocking word into our lives, saying that there is something important to do together. Tom Cruise

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