Oral contraceptives Long-term use and weaknesses

Oral contraceptives Long-term use and weaknesses


There are a lot of times when you feel anxious because you took oral contraceptives for a long time You don’t have to have a break for contraceptive purposes What I mean is that when you take contraceptives for a long time, when you take contraceptives for a lottery, you know that it’s very dangerous to block blood vessels by making them sticky, causing blood to rain and causing blood clots in January
It’s the most dangerous thing in three months of first-time contraception, but taking it for a long time doesn’t increase these side effects, but when I take it for a long time, it’s all metabolized through my liver, so sometimes it’s good to check my liver for liver levels, liver toxicity, and other problems
And when you take birth control pills for a long time, there’s a theory that it’s a hormone, so it might have something to do with breast cancer, but it’s supposed to match the risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer So you don’t have to worry too much about taking contraceptives for a long time, but when you take a break for a month or two and then take it again, I hope that the same problem with blood vessels in the beginning can increase the risk 강남풀싸롱
And when you take it again, you can take it for blood purposesIf you don’t have risk factors, you can start over for conference purposes unless you’re very obese, taking drugs, or if you have a family history of some vascular disease, or if you’re special cases where you can’t take any other drugs

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