Pain after extraction of a dry socket wisdom tooth

Pain after extraction of a dry socket wisdom tooth


One of the complications of tooth extraction is the dry socket, which is difficult to illuminate, but when the announced part does not heal normally after tooth extraction and the gum bone is exposed, the pain is very severe, and there is a slight odor So after I took out my wisdom tooth, I felt it wrong

If you think that you can smell something weird after a while, I recommend you to try dry ice and visit the hospital where you took out your wisdom teeth for a checkup The reason for the dryness is open-circle, but the most common reason doctors think is that the condition of the body was very inflamed when the wisdom tooth was removed, or the patient’s body was not in good condition

Or if you have severe cavities around your wisdom teeth, it’s still high when you dry-socket So in this case, if you have too much inflammation around your wisdom teeth, it’s safe to scale it right away rather than taking out your wisdom teeth, or take antibiotics for about 23 days to remove your wisdom teeth after the inflammation around your wisdom teeth subsides

If the patients keep looking in the mirror and their wisdom teeth seem to rot, don’t put it off too much, and they have to take them out when they have time Don’t put off looking rotten or in a bad condition, and take out your wisdom teeth quickly If the pain is getting worse or the wisdom tooth stinks after a few days of extraction, suspect the dry socket and go to the hospital as soon as possible

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