‘Park Jae-beom Drive’ Jung Dong-hwan….

‘Park Jae-beom Drive’ Jung Dong-hwan, Lee Tae-wook, and Jang Won-young’s band lineup confirmed…First show on February 5th.

Park Jae-beom

KBS’ new music talk show “The Seasons – Park Jae-beom’s Drive” unveiled a colorful band lineup.

First of all, Jung Dong-hwan, a member of the emotional duo MeloMance, who is active as a pianist and composer, will join as a band master. Jeong Dong-hwan is a versatile musician who has been recognized for his composition, arrangement and performance skills and has been a performer in performances by top Korean artists such as Kim Dong-ryul, Park Jung-hyun, Park Hyo-shin, Kim Bum-soo and Zico.

The guitarist is Lee Tae-wook, a member of the band Soran. Lee Tae-wook is a guitarist who showed various talents by participating in albums such as BTS and Lim Young-woong as well as the music of the band Soran. Zion.T and Onestein band master Park Jong-woo will join as bassists.

The drummer is Jang Won-young, who worked in bands such as Zion.T, Crush, Kwon Jin-ah, and Yoonha. In addition, Shin Ye-chan, who has collaborated with numerous artists such as BoA and god, is in charge of playing the keyboard with Jeong Dong-hwan.

The band, which consists of one of the best players in their respective fields, is named ‘Jeongmae and Kungchitachi’. The cute compound words of “Jeong Dong-hwan” and “Maestro” and “Kungchitachi,” which cutely express the sound of the performance, are combined to make people expect pleasant energy and perfect sound.

Attention is drawn to what synergy “Jungmae and Kungchitachi,” which will newly digest all music regardless of genre, will show with MC Park Jae-beom and other various artists in the future. In particular, bandmaster Jung Dong-hwan raised expectations even more by leaving his thoughts that he was very excited about collaborating with other musicians every week as a musician who had dreamed of this stage for a long time.

Meanwhile, “The Seasons – Park Jae-beom’s Drive” will premiere at 10:50 p.m. on Sunday, February 5. Ahead of the first recording on the 11th, we are recruiting audiences to leave for a special music drive with Park Jae-beom, and details can be found on the official website.

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