Park Jin-ah confirmed her appearance on “Say Love”…

Park Jin-ah confirmed her appearance on “Say Love”…Working with Kim Yewon.

Actor Park Jin-ah will appear in Disney+’s original ‘Say Love’.

Park Jin-ah

Disney+’s original series “Say Love” is an emotional romance between two men and women who should not have met, the woman “Universe,” who jumped into revenge, and the man “Dongjin,” who became the object of revenge. Hot actors such as Kim Young-kwang, Lee Sung-kyung, Sung-joon, Ahn Hee-yeon, and Kim Ye-won are drawing attention early on.

Park Jin-ah joined in playing the role of “local type” in the play. Hyun Ji-hyung is a banker and co-worker of Shim Hye-sung (played by Kim Ye-won), who has a tsundere charm of taking care of the comet as if he were indifferent. Park Jin-ah is raising expectations by announcing a new acting transformation by adding vitality to her work through the role of “Local Type.”

Park Jin-ah drew attention by appearing in a number of short films such as “Her Playground,” “Maybe Today,” “Samjin Out,” “Stay,” and “The Hill of the Wind,” as well as works such as “Wandeuk,” “The Dude in Me,” “Extreme Job” and “Voice.”

In particular, his film “Night Flight” was officially invited to the 64th Berlin International Film Festival, the 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival, the 15th Jeonju International Film Festival, and the 68th Edinburgh International Film Festival, and Edinburgh International Film Festival.

In addition, last year, he made his debut beyond the screen to the small screen through JTBC’s Green Mothers Club, drawing keen attention from viewers with his short but impactful presence.

Park Jin-ah, who is expected to show reliable acting regardless of genre or character by expanding her range of activities to small theaters and now OTT through her acting skills accumulated through the screen, is raising curiosity about what kind of acting she will show in her new work.

Meanwhile, Disney+’s original series ‘Say Love’ will be released on February 22.

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