Park Joonyong finally won his first UFC finish…

Park Joonyong finally won his first UFC finish…

Park Joonyong

Iron Turtle’ Park Joonyong (31, Korean Top Team, Seongan Save) won his first finish victory at UFC.

In the UFC Fight Night 213 middleweight match held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas on the 30th (Korea time), Joseph Holmes (27, USA) received a tap with a rear-naked choke in 3 minutes and 4 seconds of the second round.

Park Joon-yong made his UFC debut in August 2019 and played six games and was accumulating a record of 4 wins and 2 losses. All four wins were by decision. Even before this game, he said, “I’m thinking about making a decision in the third round.”

Park Jun-yong was secretly sharpening his knife. Regardless of Holmes’s jab and lock kick, he put forward pressure, which is 193cm tall, and caught Holmes’ kick to succeed in taking down and took the back position.

Park Joon-yong, who gained confidence in grappling after mixing his body, also dragged Holmes to the ground in the second round. And the game ended with a rear-naked choke in the back position. It was a complete victory without injury.

Park Joon-yong, who won 2-1 against Eric Anders in May and was so excited to spit out swear words in joy, calmly enjoyed the victory this time. When I heard the news of the Itaewon disaster, I calmed down.

Park Joon-yong won five UFC wins and recorded his 15th overall (5 losses). He continued his upward trend with two consecutive wins for the Octagon.

Park Jun-yong is 183 centimeters tall and is not tall in the middleweight, but he is a style that has good forward pressure with boxing at the forefront. He shines in a long-term game due to his good stamina, and the ground game is also solid. The goal is to “become the longest-serving Korean fighter in UFC.”

Ahead of this match, Park Joon-yong joined the famous agency First Round Management and re-signed with UFC for four games. be on a cruise to one’s goal

Holmes experienced his second loss (one win) at UFC. The total score was 8 wins and 3 losses.

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