Park So Dam almost lost his voice due to thyroid cancer

Park So Dam almost lost his voice due to thyroid cancer I thought it was burnout

Park So Dam

Park So-dam, who returned to the screen as a “ghost” after thyroid papillary cancer surgery. Before being diagnosed, he confessed, “I thought it was just a burnout.”

Park So-dam, who starred in the movie Ghost (director Lee Hae-young), delivered his thoughts on his return after overcoming thyroid papillary cancer in an interview conducted somewhere in Jongno-gu, Seoul on January 16.

The movie “Ghost,” which will be released on the 18th, depicts the endless operation of the real “ghost” and the struggle of suspects trapped in remote hotels, suspected of being spies planted by anti-Japanese organizations in Gyeongseong and Joseon in 1933.

Park So-dam played the role of “Yuriko,” an ambitious man who rose to the position of secretary of the general affairs chief, the influential figure of the governor-general, even though he was a Korean by using his provocative charm as a weapon.

On this day, Park So-dam said, “Director Lee Hae-young shared my first starring film, ‘Gyeongseong School: The Missing Girls.’ Director Lee Hae-young said, “Sodam, can you show me crazy tension?” and I was so excited. “I read the scenario with excitement,” he said.

Asked if the desired “crazy tension” seemed to be well contained in the movie, Park So-dam confessed instead of answering the question, saying he felt the anxiety he felt while filming “ghost” in a situation where he was not in good condition due to thyroid papilla cancer.

Park So-dam underwent thyroid papillary cancer surgery in December 2021, after filming “The Ghost.” He recovered his health after a year and is attending a ‘ghost’ promotion.

Park So-dam said, “I didn’t know I was sick at the time of filming. I thought it was a burnout. It was the first time I was afraid to go to the scene. I think my body sent me a signal, but I just thought it was a mental problem. I was so sorry to the director and seniors. “After the shooting, I cried because I felt sorry,” he recalled.

Park So-dam, who was afraid to see the completed work, said, “But the director said, ‘I’m not a person who easily says OK, so you can trust me,'” adding, “I recorded a post-recording of ‘ghost’ while waiting for the results of the biopsy.” “It was such a bad situation that I almost lost my voice nerves, but if I were a little late, I would not have been able to record afterwards,” he said.

“These days, I’m grateful just to be able to recover my health and meet many people and greet them with my voice,” he said. “The ‘ghost’ team is affectionate because they have seen all the flow of my emotions.”

When asked, “How is your current condition?” Park So-dam said, “I’ve gotten a lot better, but my skin has turned upside down because of the hormonal imbalance.” I go to Pilates five to six times a week to find the stagnant flow of my body. “I’m not as physically fit as I used to be, but I’m just really happy when I think about this time last year,” he stressed.

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