Park Sungwoong, trapped in his smartphone, “Save the CEO.”

Park Sungwoong, trapped in his smartphone, “Save the CEO.”

Park Sungwoong

Park Sungwoong is facing an unimaginable crisis.

The production team of the ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama “Unlocking the Boss” (directed by Lee Chul-ha, scripted by Kim Hyung-min) unveiled a still cut of the character of Kim Sun-joo (played by Park Sung-woong), the president of “Silver Lining,” which gives off a smart atmosphere like a world-class developer.

“Unlocking the President” is based on Naver Webtoon of the same name, and depicts a hybrid cooperation between a president who was trapped in a smartphone after being caught in a suspicious incident and a job seeker whose life has changed after picking up the strange smartphone.

Park Sungwoong will perform as Kim Sun-joo, the president of “Silver Linings,” an IT company that has been trapped in a smartphone due to a suspicious incident. Kim Sun-joo, who opened her eyes after being chased by someone and was trapped in a smartphone, must find out the truth to return to her only daughter. He gives a special mission to Park In-sung (played by Chae Jong-hyeop), an out-of-control job seeker, to solve the mystery facing him. I’m looking forward to how the “crazy combination play” that he will play with Park In-sung, who is in a situation that is hard to believe even after seeing it.

The photo released by the production team shows Kim Sun-joo’s daily life as the president of “Silver Lining” before being trapped in a smartphone. Kim Sun-joo’s confident eyes in front of the podium suggest that he is a cool-headed competitor. He is also full of confidence in the announcement of the launch of “Silver Linings” new products. His skillfully eye-catching point-blank charisma is also impressive. Attention is focusing on why he, who controls people like this, became trapped in a smartphone and unable to move, and whether he will be able to overcome a once-in-a-lifetime crisis and return to his daily life.

Park Sungwoong said, “The original work itself was interesting, so I was looking forward to the drama. It was so interesting to receive the first script. I read all 12 parts at once because I was curious about the next story, he said. “I have no doubt that the writer’s writing and the director’s directing skills will meet and produce a good work.”

As for the character “Kim Sun-joo,” he said, “It’s a character like “Steve Jobs” in Korea. First of all, I thought about how to look more like a CEO as well as an outfit externally to express an intelligent and gentle person, he said. “You will watch a movie-like drama in your home room with new and fresh materials.” It is also an interesting point to watch for the cooperation between the owner of the company and the job seeker, who are trapped in a smartphone.

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