Playing games to make a living? Blockchain Game Company Challenge

Playing games to make a living? Blockchain Game Company Challenge


“Recently, a documentary showed elderly people who had financial difficulties making profits from the game ‘Exy Infinite’ and praying that the game would not disappear. It’s a new paradigm for the game.”

You play games to make money? “Exy’s core element is providing economic freedom with games,” said Jeffrey Jerrin, co-founder of Skymavis, who developed the game “Exy Infinity,” at the UDC on Wednesday.

Skymavis is an irreplaceable token (NFT) game called EXY Infinity that created a model called Play to Earn. It is said that more than 1 million users of EXY Infinite games can convert the goods obtained from the game into cryptocurrency. “We are the first to attract more than 1 million users with blockchain apps, not cryptocurrency exchanges,” he said.

“Our models can be seen as having the right to distribute games themselves,” Jerrin said. “They can be created themselves, and they can be created through interbreeding.” He added, “95% of the value created is provided to players, and only 4.25% of the fee is taken by us.”

Like the examples of old people in the documentary, Jerin reiterated that Exy Infinity “has more meaning than a game.” This is because it focuses more on economic factors than fun. “41 percent of Exy’s users are women,” he said. “I know that single mothers make a living using Exy.”

There is homework left, too. “I think we need to lower the initial cost of access and make it easier for us to enter,” Jerin said. “Now we need to borrow or buy (the account), and we want to give her a chance to test Exy for free before making a real payment. Currently, some users are operating a “scolarship” system in which sub-accounts are lent to other users.

He expected Exy to be incorporated into a mainstream game. “Thanks to Exy, the game industry has only recently accepted the blockchain,” he said. “It will serve as a catalyst for the launch of a new game.”

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