Pogba eventually fails to play in the World Cup…

Pogba eventually fails to play in the World Cup…


Paul Pogba (29, Juventus), the main midfielder of the French national soccer team who has left the ground due to a knee injury, will eventually be unable to play on the World Cup stage.

According to foreign media such as BBC on the 1st (Korea Standard Time), Pogba’s agent Rafaela Pimenta said in a statement, “The examination confirmed that Pogba still needs more time to recover after the surgery,” adding, “He will not be able to join the French national team to Qatar as well as Juventus before the World Cup.”

As a result, Pogba will not be able to play in the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup, which will open on the 20th of this month.

As for the French national team, he lost Pogba after N’Golo Kante (31, Chelsea), who left due to a hamstring injury on the 19th of last month, and suffered a major power leak in the midfield.

France, which belongs to Group D along with Australia, Denmark and Tunisia in this World Cup, will play its first match against Australia on the 23rd.

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