Porsche Korea has suspended shipments of ‘Tycan’

Porsche Korea has suspended shipments of ‘Tycan’ without consumer notification.

Porsche Korea

Consumer complaints are growing as Porsche Korea has suspended shipments of electric vehicle Tycan, which takes about two years to wait for release, without identifying the specific cause.

According to the industry and Porsche sales network, Porsche Korea has reportedly stopped shipping its pure electric vehicle Taikan since the end of last month, and customers who are about to release it are expressing anger at the indefinite wait as they have not informed dealers of specific reasons.

Currently, online communities such as the Porsche Club said, “I paid for the car and booked tinting, but I heard the news of the suspension of the shipment suddenly,” “It’s absurd that the shipment was suspended while I was signing up for auto-cashback.” “It was suspended in August, but this time…”There is no answer how many times it is this year alone,” “It is good to recall, but the problem is serious that there is no notification,” and “It is frustrating.” He is complaining about whether he should transfer to another car or “I’ve given up.

Dealers also say they are frustrated and embarrassed because they have not received accurate information. Some dealers expect it to be released this month, but this is also not guaranteed. In this regard, Porsche Korea has still not been able to determine the exact cause of the suspension of shipments to Taikan.

An official from Porsche Korea said, “The shipment has been suspended because there are parts that need to be checked internally for some Thai-can models,” adding, “We will announce the resumption of the shipment later.”

In the community, “Vehicle with license plate will be released as scheduled, and all vehicles without license plate will be moved back to Pyeongtaek PDI to update,” and “The shipment is being delayed due to problems that were previously suspended due to software updates and extension of cluster updates.”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Porsche Korea has stopped shipping Taikan. In March, shipments were suspended due to some parts supply problems caused by the Uraina crisis, and in August, Taikan’s shipments were temporarily suspended for about a month, coinciding with the recall of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

A total of 2,278 Thai cars (not sold) manufactured from September 23, 2020 to July 28, 2022, and the automatic brake indicator identification code was known to be unsuitable for safety standards, and the cause was an instrument panel software error problem.

However, Porsche Korea said that the suspension of shipments to Taikan has nothing to do with the previous recall.

With no significant cause yet to be identified, consumers’ resentment is expected to grow further.

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