Portugal’s FW, which Tottenham and Chelsea are watching, said…

Portugal’s FW, which Tottenham and Chelsea are watching, said, “I’m an Arsenal fan


Tottenham Hotspur’s love is on the verge of ending in unrequited love. This is because the player who is watching for recruitment is impressively watching Arsenal’s game.

Tottenham Hotspur have several strikers on the list ahead of the winter transfer window. The decision is based on the judgment that a new striker is needed at a time when Hishalisson has left due to a hamstring injury. Hishalisson, who finished the World Cup as a member of the Brazilian national team, has not decided when to return after being injured.

Tottenham Hotspur’s eyes were on Rafael Lean, who plays for the Portuguese national team and Italy’s Serie A club AC Milan. Lean contributed to his team’s Serie A victory in the 2021-2022 season, and has been playing with six goals and five assists in 14 league matches this season.

Lean hopes to play in the English Premier League in the future. However, Leon seems to be interested in other teams, not Tottenham Hotspur. “I want to play in the Premier League in the future,” he said in an interview with RDP Africa. But now I’m 100% focused on Milan. He plays for the best club and has a contract. “I like Milan,” he said, adding that he has no intention of transferring immediately.

“I’ve seen a lot of Premier League games this year,” said Leon, “I like Arsenal. I think they’re very good,” he said. Arsenal are impressive this season, leading the Premier League. He is the sole No. 1 player with 12 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

In addition to the two clubs mentioned, several Premier League clubs are watching Leon’s move. According to Give Me Sports, Chelsea manager Graham Potter is interested in Leon, and Italy’s Calcio Mercato also reported that Antonio Conte will offer Leon the highest salary in the team.

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