Pre-sale of ‘Gunbolt 3’ for Nintendo Switch

Pre-sale of ‘Gunbolt 3’ for Nintendo Switch

Gunbolt 3

Intecreats will work with Daewon Media to pre-order the action game ‘Azur Striker Gunbolt 3 (hereinafter referred to as Gunbolt 3) for Nintendo Switch.

Gunbolt3 can alternately play the series’ main character Gunbolt and the new main character Kirin. Gunbolt presents a battle style that combines the existing lightning rod and thunderbolt, and Kirin presents a cheerful slash action with a stone-shaped knife.

In addition, “Gunbolt” can summon colleagues and rivals he has met so far with “emarge pulses” to attack them directly or give them more than 150 effects, including ability.

Gunbolt 3 will be released with a package version and a download version on the 28th.

The price of the general edition is 52800 won, and the limited edition is 9,9800, and the limited edition comes with a new illustration box, a full color set data collection, a soundtrack (2CD), and an acrylic key holder printed with the mascot character “Mungbolt.” 안전놀이터

In addition, the package version’s reservation privilege will be presented with two types of “A4 Clear Files” with new illustrations that feel the midsummer atmosphere.

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