Putin, Finland “joining NATO is a mistake”

Putin, Finland “joining NATO is a mistake”… I’ll cut off the power supply


Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the Finnish president, who declared his membership in NATO, that it was a “mistake.”

Finland’s President Sauli Ninisz 핀란드w called Putin on Monday to explain Finland’s plan to join NATO.

“Finland must apply for NATO membership without delay,” President Ninisch said two days ago. “If we join NATO, Finland’s security will be stronger.”(Related article: Finland Declares to Join NATO…) Russia Against the Wind)

Finland’s neighboring country, Sweden, will soon announce its membership. The two countries, which have maintained their military neutrality, have sharply tilted their domestic public opinion to support NATO membership as security instability has increased due to Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine.

Putin “Russia Is Not a Threat to Finland”

“The conversation with President Putin was direct and honest, and there was no deterioration in the situation,” President Ninisch said in a statement after the call. “I thought it was important to avoid tension between the two countries.”

The call was made at the request of Finland. Niniszhu has had regular talks with Putin, a rare Western leader.

However, the Russian Kremlin said, “President Putin said it would be a mistake for Finland to abandon its traditional military neutrality and join NATO because Russia poses no security threat to Finland.”

He also pressed, “The change in Finland’s foreign policy line will negatively affect Russia and Finland’s relations, which have long been mutually beneficial based on the spirit of partner cooperation.”

The Kremlin added, “The leaders of the two countries honestly shared their opinions.” However, major foreign media such as AP and Reuters pointed out, “It is a diplomatic expression that we had a difficult conversation.”

Russia cuts power supply to Finland… Start retaliation?

Shortly after Finland’s declaration of joining NATO two days ago, Russia’s foreign ministry threatened to “seriously damage bilateral relations and stability in Northern Europe,” adding, “Russia will take action, including military and technical measures.”

Russia immediately stopped supplying electricity to Finland. “RAO Nordic,” a subsidiary of Russian state-run energy company Inter RAO, said in a statement, “The electricity supply to Finland will be suspended from the 14th because the electricity import payment has not been paid.”

Although it was cited externally as a reason for the electricity payment, analysts say it is a retaliatory measure against Finland’s push to join NATO. Russia is fighting Western sanctions against Russia by reducing the amount of natural gas it exports to continental Europe via Ukraine and Poland.

U.S. President Joe Biden, on the other hand, welcomed the leaders of Finland and Sweden by saying, “I support NATO’s openness and the right of the two countries to decide on their own future and foreign policy.”

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