Ravin, Chicago looking for a mate, Ronzo Ball, mutual interest

Ravin, Chicago looking for a mate, Ronzo Ball, mutual interest… Rose’s chance of a comeback.


Chicago is looking for a point guard. 파워볼사이트

Adrian Woznarowski, a reporter for ESPN, said on the 26th (Korean time) that the Chicago Bulls are close to recruiting Lonzo Ball.

Chicago’s goal for the new season, which finished 11th in the Eastern Conference despite Nicola Bussevic joining last season, is of course to advance to the playoffs. The Chicago front desk is busy trying to strengthen its power to target the playoffs.

The biggest challenge is the recruitment of a point guard to match Jack Lavigne. Kobe White, who usually started last season, has a lot of ups and downs, and Thomas Satoranski is more stable than White, but is not good enough to look higher.

Chicago’s most watched player is Ball. The ball, which averaged 14.6 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 5.7 assists for New Orleans last season, is a player who is nearly 2 meters tall and has excellent defense, with an average of 37.8 percent last season, eliminating concerns about shooting ability.

“Ronzo Ball and Chicago are interested in each other. We believe they will eventually be together.

This is not the first time Chicago has been actively interested in the ball. Chicago is known to have negotiated with New Orleans on the ball’s trade deadline last season.

Derek Rose, who made a big contribution to New York’s playoffs last season, is also one of Chicago’s candidates for recruitment.

“If Derek Rose breaks up with New York, Chicago could be a potential destination,” Woznarowski said.

Rose had her best days in Chicago, winning the MVP of the regular season. However, he suffered from a series of injuries and eventually left Chicago. Rose, who has since gone through several teams, has been a great six-man and is writing a touching drama.

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