Real Accepts Offer 英 Superstar Joins The New Era of Jungwon Domination

Real Accepts Offer 英 Superstar Joins The New Era of Jungwon Domination


Real Madrid’s new era of midfield dominance is coming?

Sports media ‘SPORT 360’ expressed expectations on the 12th, saying, “Jude Bellingham recently accepted Real’s offer,” adding, “The era of new midfield dominance is coming.”

Real focused on forming a new galactico, whose reinforcement priority is midfield. The target is Bellingham.

Bellingham is a key resource for Dortmund and the England national team and is a hot potato to shake up the upcoming summer transfer market.

In particular, in England, the Three Lions are considered rising stars and superstars who will be responsible for the present and the future.

Bellingham’s presence was also prominent on the world stage. At the 2022 Qatar World Cup, he showed excellent performance in midfield coordination, connection, and passing along with the operation of a scoring gun.

Real is burning its will to recruit Bellingham by continuing to send love calls after judging that he is the core of the new Galactico.

Real crossed the first mountain to sign Bellingham. It is known that individual agreements such as annual salary and contract period have already been completed 카지노

After recruiting Bellingham, Real seems to expect a huge synergy effect with Orelien Chouameni, Eduardo Camavinga, Federico Valverde, Tony Cross and Luka Modric.

Real’s incredible new era of midfield is coming

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