Real Mbappe makes it a reality thanks to free Messi

Real Mbappe makes it a reality thanks to free Messi


Lionel Messi, 34, has entered the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). He also conducted his first training session. It was a bright atmosphere. It’s a message that he shed tears just a few days ago when he left Barcelona, but he’s enjoying himself on the new team. And there seems to be some players who are uncomfortable with this situation. It’s Kalian Mbappe, 23. Real Madrid are aiming for this gap.

“Messi joined PSG on the 13th (Korea time).” Many people welcomed it. SNS posts were overflowing with ‘likes’. But Mbappe didn’t press like. Real want Mbappe. I believe PSG will sell it for financial fair play. It has prepared 120 million euros (about 164.7 billion won. It doesn’t matter if it’s not this time. The idea is to bring him on a free transfer a year later.

Messi officially joined PSG on the 11th. He signed a two-plus-one-year contract for 650,000 pounds a week. PSG is already full of superstars. Mbappe, Neymar, Angel Di Maria and Marquinos, and in the transfer market, Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnaroomma, Giorgio Bainaldum and Danilu Ferreira were recruited. I added Messi to this. There’s no such thing as the Earth Guard 안전공원

It’s good up to here. There should be some coming in and some going out. This is due to FFP (Finance Fair Play). I can’t spend indefinitely. There should be enough money to earn that much. Now that Messi is here, he will definitely make profits such as selling uniforms. But it’s a problem right now. The fastest and most certainly way to make money is to sell players. Local news has also been reported that he will organize 10 players including Mauro Icardi and Ander Herrera.

If the PGS wants to solve it in one shot, it can send Mbappe. I brought an expensive player, so selling an expensive player is a good pay. Real are aiming for this part. Real’s love for Mbappe is more than a day or two. There’s been a story about bringing it from a long time ago. It is now a little more specific.

It will offer 120 million euros. If PSG receives it, it is “thank you.” It doesn’t matter if it’s not. This is because Mbappe’s contract is less than a year away from June 2022. If months go by in this condition, direct negotiations with Mbappe can be made in January next year under the Bosman Rule (the right of players under six months to negotiate freely with other teams). Then, in July 2022, Mbappe can be held for free.

“It’s a strategy that Real has been working on steadily,” As said. Wait until the expiration of the contract for the competitor and propose a transfer. This saved the transfer fee. Ethan Hazard did, Tibo Courtois did, and Tony Cross did. Real are confident that Mbappe will come to them 안전놀이터

“Mbappe is currently refusing to renew his contract with PSG. Mbappe will not feel comfortable with Messi following the re-signing of Neymar. PSG’s move is not what Mbappe wanted. Mbappe wants to be the center of the team, but that’s not the case. “If there is a chance to transfer to Real, I will hold on to it.”

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