Red Velvet, “Thank you for loving us more and more”

Red Velvet, “Thank you for loving us more and more”

Red Velvet

The group Red Velvet, which surpassed 710,000 pre-orders for the new album, thanked its fans.

Red Velvet said at a press conference on the release of its new mini-album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday,” which was held online on the morning of the 28th, that it was “so surprised” to surpass 710,000 pre-orders.

Before the comeback, Red Velvet set its own record by surpassing 710,000 new copies. Joy said, “I’m grateful that you seem to love me more and more every time the album comes out,” and added, “I’ll work hard on this activity thanks to the love of the fans.”

He also explained about the new album. Irene said, “You can see Red Velvet’s kitsch and lively sides in this album,” and added, “As we have returned with a new look, we will approach our fans with various activities, so please enjoy it together.”

Seul-gi, who recently worked as a soloist, said, “Unlike Solo, I came out with a different concept as Red Velvet. “I’m nervous and excited,” he said.

Red Velvet will release the album’s music and title song music video at 6 p.m. and start its activities. A total of five songs were included, including the title song “Birthday”, “BYE BYE”, “On A Ride”, “ZOOM”, and “Celebrate”.

The title track “Birthday” samples George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”. It is a trap rhythm-based pop dance song that combines rhythmical drums and cool synth sounds, and the lyrics contain a confident confession that “every day will be as fun as a birthday with me,” and a gift of an unforgettable day by returning to the birthday of a favorite person.

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