Red Velvet’s music with their new mini-album track “Pose.”

Red Velvet’s new album, “Pose”, gives you an energetic charm.

Red Velvet

The group Red Velvet will perform energetic music with their new mini-album track “Pose.”

The new song “Pose” in this album is an uptempo pop dance song with an energetic bass line and a fast-changing drum source.

You can feel the exciting atmosphere by combining the lyrics that inspire you with confidence and the lively vocals of Red Velvet.

In addition, the album consists of a total of six colorful songs, including the title track “Queendom.”

On August 16, it will be released on various music sites including Flo, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Cougou Music, and Cow Music.

Currently, Red Velvet is drawing attention every day by presenting teaser images where you can see various transformation of the members.

Following the first concept of the refreshing high-teen sentiment, the members’ charisma stands out in contrast to the miniature set.

The second concept was revealed, further amplifying expectations for the new album with its unexpected charm.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet’s sixth mini-album ‘Queendom’ will also be released on August 17.

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