Riot “Luntera Champion Will Increase Diversity of ‘LoR’ Deck”

Riot “Luntera Champion Will Increase Diversity of ‘LoR’ Deck”


Riot Games updated its new expansion pack “The World Walker” on the 26th in the “League of Legends” IP-based strategy card game “Legend of Brunterra” (hereinafter LoR). Four new champions and 65 new cards have been released, including the Luntera Champion, which will be unveiled for the first time, and the introduction of “Champion Road” 2.0 will provide users with a variety of entertainment.

The Luntera Champion is expected to increase the deck diversity of “LoR” as it can be used in combination with other cards without regional restrictions. In “Champion Road” 2.0, Noksus and Demasia will appear anew, and a permanent progress system will be introduced, making it easier for users to proceed with the stage.

Riot developers such as Jonathan Mooremann’s “LoR” world-walking Jaset Reed, Shawn Main’s “Champion Road” design lead, and Stephen Auker’s “Champion Road” meta-game design lead did not hide their expectations for the expansion pack through video interviews with domestic reporters before its release. Riot’s development team said, “The Luntera Champion, which can be used without regional restrictions, will increase the deck diversity of ‘LoR,'” adding, “It will be easier for users to enjoy through ‘Champion Road 2.0.” 토토추천

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