RNG, EG, the last train to New York [lol]

RNG, EG, the last train to New York


All 16 teams have been confirmed to participate in the group stage of the 2022 LoL World Championship (LOL World Cup) this year.

On the 5th (Korea Standard Time), the final match of the 2022 LOL World Cup play-in stage was held at the Arena e-sports Stadium in Mexico City, Mexico.

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) beat Detonation Focus Me (DFM) 3-1 and Evil Genius (EG) beat Mad Lions 3-0 respectively to win the last ticket to New York.

As a result, the LOL World Cup group stage group, in which 16 teams participate, has also been completed.

RNG was assigned to Group D without the same league team.

They are expected to compete with Gen.G, CTBC Flying Oyster and 100 Sevens.

EG headed to Group B, where Damwon Kia, G2 e-sports, and Jingdong Gaming (JDG) are located.

DRX, which passed the play-in stage earlier, entered Group C and Fnatic entered Group A.

RNG started the game nervously after losing the first set to DFM.

However, “Way” Yan Yang-wei played throughout the three sets leading to Viego, leading the team to victory.

In a match involving European and North American rivalry, EG overwhelmed Mad throughout the series.

Mad was disgraced for being eliminated early from the play-in stage, despite being in the major leagues again two years ago. 토토사이트

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