Robinson’s Fatal Encounters with Old and New Duncan Model

Robinson’s Fatal Encounters with Old and New Duncan Model Students


The scary thing about the “Twin Tower” is that the attack is also an attack, but it is in defense. Imagine that the team’s defense itself can change depending on the existence of a high-quality big man, and both of them are national team-level No. 4 to No. 5 together. It also has an average height of over 210cm, runs well, and even jumps well. From the other team’s point of view, just looking at it will make you feel suffocated.

It may not be comparable to this, but there was also a “Twin Tower” in Korea that dominated their league through double posts. KT coach Song Young-jin, who worked with Kim Joo-sung as a twin tower when he was at Chung-Ang University, and Kim Yoo-taek, former basketball coach at Chung-Ang University, who had a reputation as a “double mast” with Han Ki-bum at Kia Motors, said similar things during an interview with “Basketball Interview.”

“If there are two sure big men under the net, it makes it very easy for my teammates to defend. This is because you can only defend near the post without following closely to the bottom of the goal. When I entered a certain area, I was confident that I would shoot with a block shot, whether it was a breakthrough or a shot. The opponents are also too burdened to try to attack easily. It’s killing two birds with one stone because the teammates can put more of their stamina into the defense ahead defense. “From the other team’s point of view, you have to be under a lot of pressure from the front to the bottom of the net.”

The complete live-action version of such a double-post system was “Twin Tower” by “Navy Admiral” David Robinson (57·216cm) and “Big Fundamentals” Tim Duncan (46·211cm). The originals of the Twin Towers would have been Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon, who raised the team to the NBA Finals during the Houston Rockets, but the two of them were not together for long. Patrick Ewing and Bill Cartwright’s Twin Towers failed to blend at all and ended up with 62 wins and 102 losses. Just because two high-quality big men are set up unconditionally does not mean that the system is completed immediately.

Robinson and Duncan, on the other hand, are called the most complete twin towers of all time in that they continued their franchise genealogy, including their collaboration to win the championship together. At that time, when the San Antonio Spurs won the championship with a double post, there was a craze not only for other teams in the NBA but also around the world, saying, “Let’s make a twin tower.”

In KBL, Shin Sun-woo, then head coach of Hyundai (currently KCC), is a representative example. In addition to the trio of Lee Jo-chu (Lee Sang-min, Choo Seung-kyun, and Cho Sung-won), Shin was opening the modern era through a foreign combination of center Jackie Jones (55·202cm) and power forward Johnny McDowell (52·194cm). Since everyone was in their prime, they were even evaluated that they would have no rivals in the next few seasons without a change in members.

However, director Shin, who is fascinated by the San Antonio Twin Towers, shakes hands with the best five. He will give the winning member Jones to SK and bring Lorenzo Hall (50·200cm), who has been eyeing since the time of the tryout, with the nomination they had. He decided that a hole that plays more powerful under the basket would be better than Jones, who goes inside and outside.

However, as a result, it served as a result of completing SK’s power and suffered a setback in the championship match. That year, KBL’s best twin tower was Seo Jang-hoon-Jones, not McDowell-Hall, which was composed by Shin. The power combination of McDowell and Hall was also powerful, but they failed to beat Seo Jang-hoon and Jones in terms of combination and synergy.

The reason why Robinson and Duncan’s “Twin Tower” was successful is largely because the two players were smart and fast. Depending on the situation, there are cases of going to and from the inside and outside, but the movement of the Big Man is somewhat determined. If they keep overlapping in the path, not to mention synergy in offense and defense, they will block each other’s play, which will lead to poor performance.

It is said to be so-called tight, but if that happens, other teammates will also be affected by their play. Basically, both competitors must have good BQ to minimize that. This is because it is necessary to familiarize and understand the various movements set by the coach while applying them. On top of that, you should not be at least slow in your position to perform what you know smoothly. Robinson and Duncan had absolutely no weakness in that respect.

In addition, the tendencies of the two players are also important. Even if the conditions mentioned above are well met, if one of the two becomes selfish, it may squeak. It is important to have a mindset that “even if I look less prominent, the team wins first.” Robinson and Duncan, both of whom were made up of model student styles, were just like that.

Robinson, who had been nothing more than a spectator before, abandoned his pride as an ace and volunteered to help his juniors thoroughly when a large rookie named Duncan entered the team. This is because his heyday is already coming to an end, and he knew how excellent a junior named Duncan was. Duncan, who understood Robinson’s mind, also faithfully followed and learned the know-how. It was the moment when San Antonio became a strong team representing the league in earnest.

As mentioned earlier, one of the Twin Towers’ most powerful weapons is its influence on other teammates. Robinson and Duncan were not only good at under-the-goal play, but also good at mid-range shots and passing plays. If they start moving near the post, they cannot help but catch up. Both are at the level of requiring a double team, so at least three defenders can be said to be dragged around.

As a result, there were many cases where it broke out in unexpected places, such as being hit by another player or allowing a breakthrough while paying attention to the two. A number of players, including Avery Johnson, Sean Elliott, Jarren Jackson, Mario Ellie, Danny Perry, Steve Kerr, and Terry Potter, have had such an effect. In addition to providing open chances from time to time, they hung a high-quality screen and held rebounds firmly, so it was enough to play well without paying attention to this and that.

The representative player is Sean Elliott. In his heyday, Elliott’s undershot was excellent, which was based on a quick and concise first step and quickly raised the left and right baselines. However, as he got older, he lost much of his athletic ability when he was in good condition and lost his unique explosive breakthrough ability due to knee injuries. Nevertheless, when he was with the Twin Towers, he was revived like a lie.

He originally has a strong mid-range shot. He had a lot of guts, so he was good at bold attacks, but when Robinson and Duncan helped, the clutch ability was on fire. He was also strong in the regular league, but he had a significant presence, especially in the playoffs, and showed off his high contribution at the time of his first victory by making several decisive attacks 사설토토추천

If Elliott, who had been paying relatively less attention to the twin towers, exploded, he had to feel devastated beyond shock. Elliott is not the only one. Among the many San Antonio backcourt jeans and wings, there are not one or two players who have improved their performance or used one-tool skills better than before. This is a new guess of what influence Twin Towers had on the team’s overall power.

Robinson and Duncan won the championship twice in 1999 and 2003, and San Antonio will be placed in a prestigious position in name and reality. Robinson’s quiet and reliable leadership was passed on to Duncan. Even after Robinson’s retirement, Duncan has been a long-time mainstay of the team, consistently creating a strong team color by trios with new teammates such as Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker.

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