Ronaldo said “I don’t need money, I’m never going to Manchester City.”

Ronaldo said in the past, “I don’t need money, I’m never going to Manchester City.”


Cristiano Ronaldo (36, Juventus) is set to move to Manchester City. However, comments against the transfer to Manchester City in the past have been re-examined and under fire.

Global sports media ESPN said on the 27th (Korea time) that Ronaldo is expected to leave Juventus and wear Manchester City uniforms. “If I join Manchester City, it’s a complete opposite of what I’ve said before,” he said.

Ronaldo left Real Madrid in 2017 and joined Juventus. Juventus had dreamed of winning the European championship by recruiting Ronaldo, a “Champion League man,” but failed. However, Ronaldo showed off his robustness every year, aiming for Italy’s Serie A top scorer.

Juventus will join manager Massimiliano Allegri this season. Allegri wants more of Paulo Dybala than Ronaldo and more of a younger team. In addition, the government has decided to punish Ronaldo, a high-salary, to reduce “fixed spending” of 500,000 pounds a week.

The interests of Manchester City have been aligned. Manchester City aimed for Harry Kane this summer, failing to negotiate with Tottenham Hotspur. Kane also went up in smoke as he declared to remain in the private social network service.

If negotiations between clubs are resolved, Ronaldo can be embraced. Juventus are trying to pass the transfer fee of 25 million euros (34.4 billion won), but Manchester City has proposed a swap deal.

There are reports of locker room arrangements and saying goodbye to Juventus colleagues. As his return to the Premier League approached, he shed light on his past remarks there.

When Ronaldo left for Real Madrid in 2009, he said, “I will never play for Manchester City. There are many good players and it is a team that will crack in the Premier League. But I’m not interested in Manchester City,” he said.

The same was true in 2015. When BBC asked if he could play for Manchester City, he said, “Can money change my mind? If you think about money, you just have to play in the Middle East. “It’s not about money, it’s about passion,” he waved.

I said I would never play for Manchester City, but things changed. Manchester City has become a team that dreams of winning the European championship beyond the Premier League. Ronaldo is discussing personal negotiations with Manchester City on a £12.8 million annual contract.

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